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The Sun Won't Set

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The Sun Won't Set

A woman who introduces herself as "Leila Mitzman" comes up to Bree as she's gardening out in front of her house (and wearing the cutest straw visor with pink ribbon, pigtails, and a vintage-y cardigan with pink flowers). Leila has sought out Bree based on the engagement announcement and tells her, "We need to talk."

Cut to Bree (sans hat, but still with those monster-cute pigtails) pouring Leila tea. Leila tells her that she had been dating George six months when he proposed to her, after which time he got very possessive. (George was engaged before? Based on the George-clan's shocked reaction to his engagement to Bree, I'd have thought he'd never, ever had a girlfriend before.) Apparently, when George discovered that Leila's ex-boyfriend lived nearby, George accused her of seeing the ex on the sly: "And then one night I got a call from the police. Someone had set my ex's car on fire. I could never prove anything, but I knew it was George." Why did the police call Leila when her ex's car caught on fire? Anyway. Bree, primly: "Well, I don't know what to say." Leila: "I know, it's upsetting." Bree: "Yes, it is. To have a complete stranger come into my home, drink my tea, and then try to turn me against one of the sweetest men I have ever known." Leila: "Honey, you've got to trust me: George is a whack job." Leila recommends that Bree "get while the getting's good." And while I so want Bree to listen, I can see how this left-field warning might get her hackles up. And yet! Still! I'm oh so sorry that this "heads up" is falling on deaf ears, especially since this scene looked so promising in the previews. Bree stands and asks Leila to leave, and Leila makes one last effort, telling Bree that George once slapped Leila after she made the mistake of talking to another man in a bar: "What do you say to that?" Bree: "I say given your overall demeanor, and your freewheeling use of epithets, I'm willing to bet that he was provoked." Really? Bree condones the slapping of uppity women? That seems...a little harsh. Leila snaps that Bree and George are a "match made in heaven," and then storms out. Alone, Bree's face melts from "confrontationally smug" to "slightest bit worried." But you know what she should be even more worried about? DR. GOLDFINE! Why aren't we hearing anything about his terrible fall? And why hasn't Bree told the ladies about her engagement to gruesome George? I am filled to the rim with unanswered questions!

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