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The Sun Won't Set

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The Sun Won't Set

Sophie, wearing a veil, is standing on a walkway decorated in white bows, looking around nervously when Susan flusters up, apologizing to Morty and Reverend Hopkins and then Sophie for being late for the wedding rehearsal. Sophie says it's okay, but she's very rushed as she hands Susan her bouquet, maneuvers Susan into position, and tells the Reverend to "hit it" with the music. So what does Susan do? After making everyone wait? She whispers to her mother that she has a question she needs to ask. Sophie tells Susan she has to march now, so Susan starts walking while also blabbering that she's been doing research for her book and she's discovered that there was no one with her father's name in either the merchant marines or the regular marines. In fact, the VA has not a single record of anyone named "Harrison Ross" ever serving in Vietnam. At this point, Susan is walking backward and interrogating her mother at the very same time. Sophie tells Susan that this isn't the time. And, really, why does Susan have to have the answers this very second, like a little two-year-old yelling "now, now, now!"? Last week, Susan seemed like she was blooming into a big girl, but this week, it appears she's suffering a complete relapse. Morty walks up to Sophie and Susan and asks them what's wrong, and Susan starts asking him if he doesn't think it's weird that there's no record of anyone with her father's name in the armed services. Morty: "Oh, well. There it is." Sophie shoots Morty a total look, and Susan is all, "Where what is?" Sophie yells at Morty to go back up to the gazebo. Morty tells Sophie that he totally knew this would happen, so now Susan is definitely not giving up the topic, and then the mother-daughter S-holes start bickering in earnest. Susan: "Mom, I need answers!" Sophie, rightly, asks Susan, "Do you have to do this now? You are ruining my wedding rehearsal." Susan, snarkily: "Well you've been married four times. I think you've got it down." Sophie, screechingly: "I will not stand here and be attacked!" Sophie turns to leave, and Susan yanks her back by her veil. Sophie: "What do you want me to say -- that I'm a bad mother? FINE! I'm a bad mother! Are you happy now?" Okay, now Sophie's completely off-topic, and I can't tell if I'm more annoyed with her or with Susan, which is a spectacular achievement given how supremely off-putting Susan is in this scene. Sophie goes running off, and Morty and the Reverend Hopkins exchange glances. Morty, answering the Reverend's unasked question, says, "Yes. Yes I know what I'm getting into."

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