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Mary Alice voices over that Carlos loved his wife more than anything. Flash through her being vain, selfish and spoiled, with Carlos still loving her. But, as they walk toward their biological daughter's parents, Carlos loves her a little bit more. Carlos tells Gaby everything's going to be fine, then a guy walks up and says he's Hector Sanchez. He takes them over to meet his wife, who's with their daughter, Grace. Hector suggests maybe they take a blood test, but as they walk up to Grace and her mom, Grace acts like a little brat about her clothes. Carlos: "I don't think we'll be needing that test." MAVO says he knew her DNA.

MAVO continues about all the stuff a purse can hold, and how every purse says something about the woman who owns it, whether she owns it or not. Carmen Sanchez glares at Gaby's fancy purse as the parents discuss visits with each other. The girls play until Grace runs up and asks for ice cream. Her mom says no, so Gaby overrules her. Then Grace asks how much the pretty purse cost, and Carmen tells her not to do that, but Gaby says it's okay. Then she tells Grace she can have one by working very hard or marrying a man who works hard. Carlos tells Carmen what a good mother she is, and Hector tries to make Gaby feel good about it by saying she's done a wonderful job with Juanita. Then Juanita comes up and yells at Gaby about ice cream money. Gaby yells back, and Juanita's a snot. Carmen reminds Gaby she was just talking about what a good mother she is.

At their apartment, Susan and Mike burn his truck loan, which is paid off. She hopes they can reach "flat broke" by Christmas. Maxine knocks on the door, and Susan freaks: "I'm in here with Mike! It's open!" Maxine comes in and says inappropriate stuff that drives Mike out of the room, then tells Susan she should quit the Internet burlesque business, since she's taken on some investors who want a huge U.S. presence. She tells Susan to get out now if she doesn't want people to see her. Susan asks how long, and Maxine thinks it's a couple weeks to a month. Susan plans to work right up until the last day, doing double shifts and extra shows. Maxine says okay, and tells Susan she'll miss the way she wears rubber gloves and fishnets. Well, that makes one of us.

Penny and Lynette arrive home with groceries and a screaming Paige. She stops crying, and then the phone rings. Lynette left her license at the store and will have to drag Paige back there, leading to more screaming. Penny asks Lynette to leave her with her, since she leaves her with the boys, who don't even change her diaper often enough. When Lynette gets back, Penny is playing with Paige on the floor after changing her diaper. Lynette asks Penny where she learned this, and Penny says she's watched Lynette. When Lynette realizes how good Penny is with her, she asks if she could take a shower. Penny says to go ahead and take a bath with scented candles. Lynette thinks Penny's mother must have done a great job.

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