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Our Little Secret

Gaby shows up unannounced at Carmen's to ask if Grace is there. Carmen reminds her they're supposed to call first to see the kids, so Gaby asks her to give her this Chanel purse. Carmen tells her that Grace is happy with the purse they bought at a flea market. She tells Gaby to let them be who they are, not who Gaby is. Then she tells Gaby to leave, and to call next time. Instead of looking like she learned a Very Valuable Lesson, Gaby scoffs on Carmen's front porch. At Maxine's, Susan's freaking out about the billboards. She begs Maxine to do something, and even gets down on her knees and cries about Mike finding out she's doing this. He'll recognize the panties, which he gave her for their anniversary. Maxine says she'll make a call.

When Penny arrives home for school, she apologizes to Lynette for taking the baby to school, but she didn't want to be late for her math test. Lynette tells her she didn't do anything wrong, then sits with her and has a heart to heart. She tells her she appreciates what she's done for the baby, and Penny says she knows how much Lynette likes to see her friends and jog and stuff, and it makes her happier and different, and Penny likes that mommy better. Tom comes around the corner and listens as Lynette tells Penny she likes that mommy better, too, but it's not Penny's job to worry about her; it's Lynette's job to worry about Penny. Penny goes upstairs, and Tom tells Lynette how sweet that was. Lynette knows, and tells Tom to get her a nanny, so she doesn't take the exhaustion out on the kids or take advantage of them. Tom offers to pitch in more, but Lynette says that's a lovely, hollow offer, so he can get her a nanny. Wait, can poor people afford a nanny? I mean, didn't she just tell Penny she's poor? And also: Wasn't Lynette going back to work for Carlos after the baby?

Casa de Solis. Carlos is annoyed to find out Gaby bought a $1,400 purse for an eight-year-old, but she tells him she didn't get the matching wallet. Gaby says that Carmen went all Grapes of Wrath on her (as if Gaby would even know a literary reference). Carlos says he agrees with Carmen, and Gaby has no right to buy Grace gifts. Gaby says she does, because Grace was supposed to have all of this stuff. Carlos tells Gaby this is why he didn't want them to look for her, because they didn't know what would happen. But Gaby looked, they found her, and they're falling in love with her. But if Gaby spooks these people, they can take her away from them forever.

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