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There Is No Other Way

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There Is No Other Way
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Previously: Bree got drunk and passed out while babysitting Lynette's kids. Gabby had an affair with her underage gardener. Noah discovered Zana was his grandson, and then he sent Detective Sullied to get rid of CreePaul. (Note: we also see a flashback of Felicia asking Noah, with feigned concern, "What kind of people would buy a baby from a junkie?" Which I don't ever remember seeing! When did that conversation go down? Is my brain dumb? Probably.)

MAVO: "What made my husband Paul Young such a good investor was his was his uncanny ability to anticipate the future." We see a montage of CreePaul observing things -- Mary Alice asking a young Zana how he managed to tie his own shoes together, Mary Alice putting together a fancy coffee in a commuter mug, Mary Alice pouring filtered water into a thermos. With each little scenario, Mary Alice explains how CreePaul used what he observed to invest with crazy cunning: he put money in velcro shoes, in three-dollar coffee stores, and in bottled water. CreePaul is a genius.

In the now, canny CreePaul is on the horn with some money people. "I've been reading about the election results in Brazil," he says all-knowingly and also self-importantly. "It's time to buy sugar." Just then, a loud knock sounds at the door: it's Detective Sullied with some story about how CreePaul's name came up in a credit-card fraud investigation, and he needs to come down to the station. MAVO, with Olympian upbeat-ness: "But the crystal ball that served Paul so well in the stock market sometimes failed him closer to home." Paul leaves with Detective Sullied, assuring Zana on his way out the door that everything will get cleared up soon, since, clearly, it's all "just a mix-up." It almost makes you wish, somehow, that CreePaul had paid attention when Mike warned him about Detective Sullied? Also: I sure hope this whole "investment savvy" thing of CreePaul's plays some future purpose on the show, because if the only reason the writers introduced it was to pave the way semi-ironically for CreePaul's lack of personal-safety smarts, well...that's a missed character-building opportunity in a long line of missed character-building opportunities on this show. I'm sorry to crab, but I'm just getting a little yawny over this show's lack of follow-through, what with all these characters (Susan's dad, Susan's book agent, Susan's gay almost-husband, Bree's party-hosting nemesis, Gabby's mother, Lynette's home-porno neighbors, Bree's ex-college boyfriend whose car George torched, Bree's hospitalized therapist, and so on and so on) appearing and disappearing and eating up screen time when we never get to see the characters we actually want (or are supposed to want) to know more about: Edie, Danielle, Julie, the Applewrongs. I'm fine with guest appearances, but when the core characters don't evolve, and their behavior patterns don't build on top of previous experiences, the show is becoming less a "tune in next week" dramedy and more a Love Boat-type hat rack for displaying a rotating selection of guest stars. The end.

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