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There Is No Other Way

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There Is No Other Way

Inside, Mike tries to warn CreePaul that it's too late to leave town: Noah is sure to have people watching the Youngs. CreePaul: "What is it with you, anyway? First you want me to run, now you want us to stick around like sitting ducks for this maniac?" Mike just thinks that since Noah has Johnny Law in his back pocket, running will be tough, what with CreePaul's credit cards being traceable, and so on. And yet...since Noah's always had the police on his side, Mike's advice to run was never really a great plan. Anyway, what Mike recommends now is for CreePaul to buy some time using Zana: let him meet Noah. They won't have to hang out too long, since Noah's essentially writhing in death's driveway. CreePaul is adamantly opposed to this idea. But then Zana, who's been listening from the stairs, walks down and says, "I'll do it." Crazy!

Lynette and Tom are riding up the elevator to work, and clearly all is still not well between them. Lynette does some work-talking about the upcoming meeting, and Tom sort of nods with a glazed-over look. They arrive at their floor, and Lynette goes to get off, but Tom pulls her back in, the doors close, and he presses the emergency stop button. Then he launches into a speech about how hard it is for a man to not be a boss of even one area of his life, blah blah ditty blah -- basically, he just rehashes his side of their fight from before. Tom: "Sometimes I need to drive the train. I know it is my issue. It is my issue. And I will step up and deal with it." Lynette leans in and gives him a peck, and then he dives at her and starts be-frenching her all up and down. Lynette protests at first, saying that they're going to be late for the meeting, peep, peep. Tom: "Yeah. We are going. To be late." Lynette, finally on-program, closes her eyes and says, "Okay." And the elevator sexing is a go. Just like when they were courting!

Gabby and Carlos are at a sleazy adoption lawyer's office, and the sleazy adoption lawyer (played by "Hey! It's That Guy!" John Kapelos) is sympathizing with how lame it is that some people deny couples of their "god-given right to parent" simply because "of a few sordid incidents." And then he tells them, "Now, I may have to explore some unconventional paths to find your child. I might even have to take actions some might view as unsavory. But before I do, I need proof that the two of you are prepared to face the challenges ahead." Gabby hands him a check for $20,000, and the "money well spent" music trills!

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