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There Is No Other Way

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There Is No Other Way

Mike and Zana roll into Noah's death room. Noah does not look good: he's waxy and grey and, frankly, could use a spot of blush. But Zana makes it clear right up front that he isn't going to play nice grandson: "I'm not going to hug you, I don't care if you are my grandfather." And that's fine by Noah, seeing as "hugging's not really [his] thing." Noah asks Mike to leave them alone, but Mike refuses to budge. Zana asks Noah why he wanted to meet him so badly, and Noah spins some yarn about it being "only natural" to want to connect with his "flesh and blood." Which may be so, but something about the way Noah's talking makes it seem like there's something more going on here. Hm. Zana: "What kind of relationship can we have when I know that you tried to kill my dad?" Surely Zana understands Noah's rage toward CreePaul (re: the death of daughter Deirdre)? Zana: "Go ahead. Feel all the rage you want to feel. But if anything happens to him, I swear to god you are never going to see me again." Noah: "You only met me two minutes ago, and here you are, already blackmailing me. I couldn't be prouder." But Zana's in no mood to joke; he wants Noah to swear he'll leave his father alone. Noah: "Which dad? You have two of them." Zana: "You know who[m] I'm talking about: my dad. The man who raised me, the only man I'm ever going to care about." The words hit Mike (who's standing behind Zana) hard, you can totally tell. Noah swears not to hurt CreePaul, and then he says, "Now that the ground rules have been set, who's up for some meaningless small talk?" Oh, Noah! Zana looks over at Mike, and Mike looks away. Oh, Mike!

Fresh from getting his heart broken by his bio-son, Mike heads down to the hospital to visit Susan just before she goes in for surgery. Yes, it's true: Susan is finally, finally heading in to get her spleen zapped. Mike, carrying a bouquet of lilacs, wanders into the waiting room, where he encounters Karl, who jumps to inform Mike that Susan's dating her surgeon. Mike: "Yeah, she told me. You met him?" Karl: "Yeah, he's, like, six years old." Mike laughs a small cough of a laugh. Karl notes the flowers Mike brought, and makes a point of telling him how huge the bouquet that Dr. Ron gave Susan is: "And the note that went with it made my teeth hurt, it was so saccharine. It used words like 'soulmate' and 'eternity.' I almost puked in the vase." Mike, with deceptive nonchalance, asks what "Susan thinks of that," and Karl tells him that "she seemed to be really into it." Now, Karl. What are you playing at? Just then, they wheel Susan down the hall. And she is feeling no pain. She notices Mike as they wheel her by the waiting room, and she yells at the whiskers to stop. "What are you doing here?" she sing-songs. Mike says he "just wanted to wish [her] luck before surgery." Though really, when he arrived, I got the impression he was hoping to talk to her about more than just that. Susan: "Awww. That is so sweeeeeet. You came all the way down here just for me." Mike agrees. Susan, in a baby voice: "It means a lot to me that you came." Mike tells her to "take care," and they wheel her off. Mike turns to leave, and Karl, whom Susan totally ignored that entire exchange, reminds him that he "forgot to give her [his] flowers." Mike: "It's no big deal." Poor Mike: first his son rejected him for all time, and now Susan's new boyfriend's bouquet is bigger than his!

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