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What Are You Doing, Dave?

In the company office, Bree and Katherine are hard at work on calculators and computers when Orson proudly marches in. It seems he was talking to his old friend Peter Hickey -- "a friend from college" he mumbles, when asked -- and Orson scored them the gig of catering Peter's parents 50th wedding anniversary next month. Bree is unimpressed until she hears that it's dinner for 80, and then gets really excited, although I imagine that's a pretty standard size for the events they cater. Bree is proud that he's bringing in big accounts, but Katherine seems resentful, so she heads down to the kitchen to marinate scallops. Orson stops her, saying it was taken care of, as well as making the pesto mayonnaise and putting the cobblers in the somethingorothers. Bree gives Katherine the rest of the day off, and when Katherine asks, "And do what?" Bree suggests a pedicure. Katherine smiles, says "What do you bet that when I take my socks off, Orson's done it for me?" Bree looks stunned, but Orson has a sly smile, like maybe he really has somehow painted Katherine's nails without her knowledge. Soon, Bree finds Katherine in the kitchen, cleaning the refrigerator unnecessarily. Bree asks what she's doing, and Katherine says she's thinking of moving to Maryland, to be grandmother to Dylan's soon-to-be-born baby. She's sad because all she has is her job -- no family, no love life, no sex in two years -- so she might as well be a grandma. She needs work to keep her mind off of things, so Bree jauntily tells her to clean the stove next, but looks sad about it after. Ah, well, she'll feel better when she sees the clean oven.

Edie visits Mrs. McCluskey in the hospital with flowers, then reveals that she is furious at her for coming at Dave with a bat like that. Mrs. McC apologizes, and tells her she was taking new medication, and it was making her loopy. Edie forgives her, and Mrs. M says she's feeling tired, so Edie says she'll see her at home. Mrs. McC says she'll be staying at her sister's for a while, but tells Edie to apologize to Dave for her. Edie says he'll be glad to hear she's fine, because he's fond of her. Once Edie leaves, a not-at-all-tired Mrs. McC gets her sister on the phone and tells her to get over there, pronto. Time for some black ops!

In her office, Bree (who has her book cover as her desktop) meets Orson's friend Peter when he comes by to talk business. He seems hesitant when Bree brings up how he knows Orson, but agrees that Orson's story is completely true without embellishing, which is not at all suspicious. Saying he wants to throw a surprise family reunion for his parents, Bree says "How thoughtful," and then looks at a picture of Katherine holding a cake -- which may have been a candid shot, but certainly looks like it would make a good book cover. With scheming music playing, Bree asks about the venue (he has a summer place nearby with a terrace that seats 80, and Bree is impressed) then fishes to find out whether he's married. (He is not.) She then makes up story about how, after they go over the menu, she usually has her top chef put together a sample dinner for their clients. Cut to Katherine looking skeptical of the new policy, and even more skeptical when she realizes she's being set up on a catering-gig-cum-blind-date. Bree points out that technically it's for work, so it has all of the upsides of a date and none of the risks. Katherine refuses to dress up or flirt, but then Bree plays a video message that she somehow convinced Peter to record for Orson on her iPhone, as if this was Star Trek, and everyone has video phones, and it's the most natural thing in the world. Did Bree refuse to pass along a message or something? Regardless, it works. Katherine asks why Bree didn't lead with this.

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