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What Are You Doing, Dave?

Lee brings a bottle of wine by the Scavo house -- rather than washing down sleeping pills with it the next time Tom's band practiced, he thought he'd come over and share it with Lynette for letting Tom get a rehearsal space. Well, that's one life saved. Porter is leaving with Kirby, the son of real estate agent Anne Schilling, and Lynette tells him to thank his mom for her, since it got Lynette free booze. Kirby says she was there yesterday dropping off some old furniture, including a futon, and that it looked pretty cool. Once the kids have left, Lee asks why Tom needs a bed, and Lynette points out that it's a couch, and Lee points out that it's also a bed, and asks why she didn't know about it, if it's just a couch. Basically, he convinces her not to trust her husband, and pretty much makes fun of her for being so naive. Normally, I'd say, "Way to force Lynette to face up to her husband's infidelity," but Lee really has nothing at all to base this on, and seems to be stirring up trouble just for the fun of it. Knowing what's coming, it's pretty irresponsible.

At the rehearsal space, the band plays what the closed-captioning calls "blues music," but is really just sad. Even sadder: Carlos sitting in the corner playing the tambourine -- I mean, come on, who ever heard of a blind blues musician? Tom, Carlos and Orson head off to get beers, and Dave and Mike agree that they blow. Dave likes Mike's playing, though, calling him a "real blues man"; Mike says that comes from his time in prison (a helpful hint to all you struggling musicians!) Still, these rehearsals are the highlight of Mike's week, unless he's being sarcastic. It's hard to tell -- wouldn't time with his son be the highlight? It's certainly one of the reasons he gives to Dave for why he can't rehearse more than two days a week, along with his job and a woman he's just started seeing. Dave pushes for another Saturday rehearsal, and Mike gets suspicious of Dave's reek of desperation. Dave backs off, and tells the guys to get in there and play some rock and roll. Guess the blues thing is over, huh?

Tom calls Lynette to say that they got into a groove (not the most believable cover story), so they'll be a while longer. Lynette sees Mike and Orson unloading Mike's truck, so she heads over to the space and finds Tom playing video games alone on his Wii. Okay, the futon is one thing, but why does he need a Wii? Lynette freaks out, asking him if he's moving out on her, and when he's going to start his affair, which is the last stage of the midlife crisis, which began with the car, the garage band and quitting his job. Tom scoffs at the idea, and says that recently he thought she was just trying to "ruin his fun," but if she believes that he would hurt her in that way, he'll give it all up. I'm not really hearing an apology, and I don't think he's going to actually give anything up, but Lynette seems to be happy, and as long as Felicity Huffman is happy, I'm happy. They hug, and all seems well, until Tom spots a condom wrapper on the floor. He covers it up with his foot and says he'll clean up and meet her at home. As she leaves, she says maybe he can teach her to play the video game he was playing. Why, Lynette? So you can find out your son's friend code and play Smash Brothers Brawl against him anonymously online, seducing him through yet another one of his interests? Tom says that'd be great. She leaves, and he picks up the condom wrapper and frowns.

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