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What Are You Doing, Dave?

Whoopi Goldberg and the Black Panthers on Life on Mars? Hmm. May need to watch that one. I loves me some Black Panthers. And "The Black Panther," but that's a different story.

Creepy Dave wants to show Edie something, and Edie says that if it's a cat eating spaghetti, she's seen it. No, it's Dave's professionally designed logo for band T-shirts: Blue Odyssey. It was the name of Dave's brother's band in college. Edie says she never knew he had a brother, and Dave tells her that his name was Steve, and he got caught up in drugs. He went to prison and was killed by a fellow inmate. The court ruled it self-defense, and the perp served out his sentence and was released. Edie is surprised she never heard it, and suggests that he talk about these things. Dave says he has his own way of dealing with things... And it apparently involves getting T-shirts made!

Orson comes home with his enormous keyboard shoulder bag slung over one shoulder, and proudly proclaims that he's going to be singing lead vocals on Hotel California. Man, that band's all over the musical map! Bree asks if there was a blue convertible in front of Katherine's and Orson says yes. Bree is please that it's still there, because that means the date she set up between Katherine and a client is going well. Orson apparently can't keep track of all of the clients, and doesn't know what kind of car Peter drives, because it isn't until Bree actually says Peter's name that he freezes. It turns out Peter Hickey wasn't Orson's roommate, he was his cellmate. In jail. Bree gets very indignant, calling him a felon and asking if he's a murderer or rapist, and Orson tries to assuage her concerns -- even though he, too, is a felon, and is also a very nice person. Besides, Peter was only in for organ trafficking. And he only took organs from dead people. Bree calls Katherine, but it's too late. They've had sex and Peter's gone to sleep. Katherine says it's the most magical night she's had in a long time, and asks Bree to please not take that away from her by being judgmental. Bree decides not to say anything, except when Katherine says if she's not careful, Peter could steal her heart! That one calls for a witty response.

Katherine arrives the next morning to find Bree making cosmopolitans. At 10 a.m. She asks Katherine to have one, and then she apparently breaks the news to her, because after a cutaway, Katherine is distraught, and asking if he at least paid the homeless people well after he took their kidneys. Bree apologizes, and Katherine decides to go to Maryland. She can't stand being around Bree and Orson, who are apparently an adorably happy couple now, and says she liked it a lot more when Bree was in the same boat as her. She wants to be with family, and not jumping into bed with "the first pancreas thief who kisses her." Bree says that Katherine is family to her; she's always wanted a sister -- a competitive, argumentative sister -- and if Katherine left, she would be very unhappy. Katherine wouldn't want that. But she does want another cosmo. Bree says no.

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