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There’s Something About a War

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There's Something About a War
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Previouslies: Susan has the hots for her Little Doctor Friend, Danielle has the hots for Matthew, Gabby has it in for Sister Mary Hotpants, and Andrew runs down Mama Solis and Bree covers it up.

MAVO: "If there was one thing Edie Britt understood, it was the nature of war." Edie sits on her couch (nice white-with-black-polka-dot satin halter dress!), eating a huge slab of pie and watching a black and white war movie. Karl walks in and sits down next to her, and they exchange a look. MAVO: "After two failed marriages and countless rocky romances, she had learned that love was a battlefield, and the easiest way to survive the carnage was total surrender." Wait, what? Edie Britt? Surrender? I find that hard to believe. But I'm too buttered up by the Pat Benatar reference to put up too much of a fight. Flashback: Edie, in her robe, standing in front of her fully stocked personal bar (oh gag, is that Appletini mix?). Edie waxes romantic about her desire for a trip to Rome. Karl, not looking up from his drink: "Vegas is cheaper." Edie petulantly throws another ice cube into her drink. Flashback two: Edie, holding a pair of Karl's boxers over his head, asks him to put his dirty laundry in the hamper. Karl, again distractedly (he's very busy writing in a tiny little book -- his diary?): "Can you do it, you're standing right there?" Edie crabbily throws his soiled underthing into the laundry basket. Flashback three: Edie tells Karl she has a "hankering for Chinese food," but Karl (staring deep into a glass...paperweight?) informs her that he's "so over rice" and he wants pizza instead. Edie throws the Chinese food menu into the trash. In short, Karl and Edie don't have the greatest communication skills, and also Karl has the attention span of maybe a sparrow. MAVO: "But the day comes for every soldier when she must take a stand and fight." Back in the now, Karl clickers the TV away from Edie's war movie and over to The Game. Edie tells Karl, "I want to watch my movie!" Karl, in the smooth tones of a practiced manipulator: "Edie. This is important to me." Edie tells him "fine," she has "stuff to do anyway," and then she marches into the bedroom. MAVO: "You see, when it came to men, Edie had a battle plan all her own." Edie comes downstairs -- wearing a black bra and panty set with a filmy, short, black, and fur-trimmed overthing. She unfurls two white silk ties and asks Karl if he has "five minutes for Edie?" He smiles wolfishly and races upstairs.

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