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There's Something About a War

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There's Something About a War

The doorbell rings. It's a hectic moment, with Betty standing and staring all crazy, and Bree pretty much incapable of breathing, and the music trill-ill-illing. But finally Bree goes over and lets in Susan, Edie, Lynette, and Gabby. As they walk in, Edie says, "So, what's the scoop on the Applewhites?" Bree looks like she's going to faint with the awfulness of the moment, but then she rallies. In perfect, perky Bree fashion, she spins up a story: "Perhaps I got more excited than I should have, but I recently found out that Betty Applewhite is quite the poker player. And sooooo, I have invited her to join our weekly game." Just then Betty walks out carrying a platter of crazy space crudité. She makes a saucy little comment about hoping that they all "brought their checkbooks" because she sure is "feeling lucky!" Much like a mess of teens who suddenly discover that a mom is crashing the kegger, the ladies look totally chagrined.

MAVO: "Everyone understands the nature of war." Oh right, I remember. Wayyy back at the beginning: something about Edie, whipped cream, war, et cetera? MAVO: "We also understand that victory depends on the cards we have been dealt." All the ladies are sitting around the poker table, and Betty raises. MAVO: "Some, when faced with a bloody battle, simply give in." Gabby, Susan, Edie, and Lynette all fold. MAVO: "But for some, surrender is unacceptable..." Betty stares down Bree, who's still holding her cards. "So, Bree," Betty challenges, "what are you going to do?" MAVO: "...even though they know it will be a fight..." Bree moves a huge pile of chips into the pot and fixes Betty in her ice-princess stare. And then, after much dramatic pausing, MAVO finally finishes the sentence: " the death." Ei! Ei! Ei!

Up next: Bree pays Caleb a visit. And Susan, I don't know, gets married or something.

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