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There's Something About a War

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There's Something About a War

Tom is doing the dishes when in walks Lynette. He asks her about the job search, but it isn't going well. The "pickings are slim" and all of Lynette's "top choices" are occupied elsewhere. Lynette asks Tom if he can recommend anyone from his old office, and he can! Someone by the name of Tom? Tom Scavo? Lynette -- who for some insane reason is surprised by this turn of events (all of his "COW-abunga" enthusiasm, plus last week's confession that he was unhappy as the non-bread-winner?) -- laughs and says, "No, no, no!" She "does not think that that is a good idea!" Tom tells her that getting the "juices flowing" the other night reminded him how much he "missed having a real job." Lynette: "You have a real job. Right here, staying home with the kids." Tom: "With two incomes, we could afford a top-notch nanny." Lynette reminds him about the baby girl P, and he reminds her of the office day care that Lynette fought so hard for. Lynette worries about them working together and living together. Tom: "Why? The last time that we worked together, we fell in love." He kisses her sweetly. If he doesn't have the creative skills, he does, at least, know how to pitch. (And really, at every agency I know of, "account executives" don't have to be creative at all -- that's what the "creative director" is for -- so I'm not at all sure why it was Lynette's job to come up with new creative for the yogurt campaign, though maybe the agency is so small, everyone "wears many hats"? I don't know!) Lynette, desperate now, stutters: "It's just...I'm...I'm not sure that you would [find] this job that satisfying." Tom, mad and sad now: "You don't think I'm good enough, do you?" And really, this issue goes all the way back to Lynette's drug days (when she out-wowed one of his clients over dinner). A P comes downstairs: he needs help finding his toothbrush. Lynette offers to take care of it, but Tom jumps all over her offer with an "I GOT IT." Tom and P go upstairs. P asks Tom, "Who won the fight?" Tom: "We weren't fighting, Mommy was just letting Daddy know where he stands." Lynette, tossing back a glass of wine, yells upstairs after them: "Oh...hey? Hey?"

Ed and Lynette are conducting interviews down at the office. Ed tells one candidate that "we'll be in touch." After the guy leaves, Lynette reveals that she "wasn't blown away" by him. "I know the pickings are slim," says Ed (again with the slim pickings), "but we can't hold out much longer, we need to hire someone this week." Up next: "Tom Cavos." Lynette looks out at reception and spots her Tom at the front desk. She purses her lips and asks Ed to excuse her, and she goes and pulls Tom into a conference room. Lynette: "Tom Cavos?" Tom, brightly: "It's an anagram. Deceptively simple, don't you think?" Deceptively simple is right: is it possible that Tom is actually a moron? Lynette does some grilling, and Tom explains that he's "going over [Lynette's] head" because maybe Ed will give him more of a chance, since, "you know, he's not constantly competing" with Tom. Lynette: "You want the truth, Tom? I think you're good. You have moments of brilliance. But I also think sometimes, you coast. And I think if I were your boss, and had to ride your ass every day, you would come home seething with resentment. Come on! It's hard enough keeping a marriage together." Tom: "If you're at all concerned about saving our marriage, you better let me take my shot." He tells Lynette that "little part" of him has been hating her ever since she screwed up his big promotion. Tom: "But I can let it all go if you give me this one thing." So Lynette agrees to let Tom's "résumé speak for itself."

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