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There's Something About a War

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There's Something About a War

Over at Susan's, Little Doctor Friend is sawing and sawing away at a steak. Everything looks very nice: the table is laid with candles and flowers, Susan is wearing a silky white top with a pretty double-looped necklace, and LDF has a blazer on, so I'm thinking that this is their "And Tonight We Sleep Together, Finally" date. Susan, looking nervously at LDF's knife work, asks him how he feels about her looming splenectomy: "You're going to be...hacking into me, and I just wanted to make sure that you feel ready." LDF tries to brush off her concern by telling her that, while he's never actually removed a spleen, he has removed plenty of other non-essential organs: "Spleen, gallbladder, it's all the same." Susan: "Okay, red flag! See, I didn't go to medical school, but I'm thinking? Not all the same." He keeps sawing at the steak and asks her to just "trust" him. Susan: "I would like to? But I gotta be honest, the fact that you can't even cut that steak isn't helping." Frustrated, LDF blames his steak impotence on Susan's overcooking. "And frankly," he says, throwing down his silverware, "it's not the freshest meat." Susan: "Well, neither am I! I've got thirty-five years on that cow." Ha! (Though I'd say she has a few more than thirty-five...but maybe she's subtracting the average age of a steak cow from her actual age, which I think is more like thirty-eight?) LDF: "Are you saying you don't want me to be your surgeon?" Susan finally manages to confess that yes, she "would be more comfortable with an experienced surgeon." LDF takes this news with mature aplomb...for about five seconds. Then he bolts for the door. And once again, we find Susan running out of her house, trying to catch up with a man who's busy making a quick retreat (which she seems to be her modus operandi). LDF tells her that while he understands her issues, she needs to understand that his "feelings are hurt." Susan: "What? You want me to put my life on the line to service your ego?" LDF, with much attitude, tells her, "I save lives every day. I cut. I save. I cut, I save. That's what I do. And if that gives me an out-of-control ego, well maybe I need that, to cut into another human being." He slams his car door and drives off. I think that went really well.

Tom's at the table, reading the paper, when Lynette comes home. It's late, and they both look really tired. Tom sort of emotionlessly informs her that her dinner's waiting for her, and then he asks her if she managed to check all his references. Lynette, who sounds kind of choked up here: "I told Ed that you were my husband, and he was cool with that. He really wants to hire you. So who am I to stand in the way?" So Tom has the job, but Lynette has "one condition": Tom can never, ever bring up Lynette's act of promotion sabotage again. Lynette: "I need a solemn vow that you will never throw that in my face ever again, because if you do, you will unleash demons that you do not want to meet." Lynette is pretty much crying now. Tom tells her that he gets it. Lynette: "And what I really need from you is to be forgiven." Tom: "Actually, I already had." Lynette takes a deep breath, and Tom pours her a glass of wine and Lynette starts eating her dinner. She swallows and tells him, "This dinner is really good." Tom thanks her and gets up and gives her a small kiss, and then he thanks her again. Awww, I just got all choked up, too! What a nice, heartwarming scene.

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