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They Asked Me Why I Believe In You

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They Asked Me Why I Believe In You

Susan and Wally are sitting on his floor. Wally tells her that it all started with "bad real estate investments." Hypocrite Susan tells him that "he should have just come clean." Wally: "Yeah, well. You tell one lie, the second one comes easy. Then you're making up new lies to cover up the old ones. Pretty soon you can't turn back, you know?" Susan, in fact, does know. She looks very forlorn. Wally: "When Jeannie finally caught on, she took the kids, she took the furniture. The bank locked me out of my own house. That's why I can't lose you as a client." Susan puts a comforting hand on his knee and tells him, "I'm sorry, but you have." Wally tells her he doesn't blame her, and he edges his pinky over so it's touching Susan's hand. The Desperate Housewives "inappropriate feelings" music starts to thrum. Susan tells Wally that she'll always be his friend, and she rubs his knee. He asks her if she really means it, and she cups his cheek in her hand and tells him that of course she means it. Their faces are very, very close right now, and Susan's radar should be on full red alert right now, though clearly she's totally oblivious to the kissing danger she's in. Wally says, "You're my Susie," and then he says it again, and then he leans in. Susan flutters and skitters, and yells, "What the hell is wrong with you?" Wally explains that there's always been "this magnetism," which Susan denies with a guttural "Nooo." Susan runs out of the house, and Wally yells after her that he was "just coming clean!" Oh, Susan.

The Chicago police receive an anonymous note from someone claiming to have attacked Melanie Foster! Cop A turns his nose up at the letter, saying it's probably just another one of the dozens of crazies who've already written in to claim responsibility. And yet, Cop B points out, this one "knows about the ax." The Desperate Housewives "we may just have ourselves an ax murderer on our hands" music swells!

Bree, who's sadly back in black, waits for Rex's body at the morgue. She shivers and looks very sad. An orderly rolls in with the body bag, and Bree tells him there's a hearse right outside. The orderly makes some ridonkulous excuse about having to go back for some paperwork and leaves, never to return again. Bree stands there, alone with the body, and for an awful moment I was sure she was going to unzip the bag and take a look. But Bree seems satisfied talking to the sealed bag: "I'm here, sweetheart, and I'm going to take care of everything. But you knew that, didn't you? You've always known that you can count on me."

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