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They Asked Me Why I Believe In You

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They Asked Me Why I Believe In You

Back in the now, Bossy seems not at all pleased with Lynette's vodka pitch. Bossy, in a voice drenched in sarcasm, repeats the tagline zinger: "'Distilled...the old-fashioned way.' You know it actually hurts my teeth to say that out loud." Bossy grabs the poster out of the startled walk-on's hands, yelling now, "You folks are going to toddle back to your little holes and you're going to come up with a decent slogan, or I will can all your asses the old-fashioned way." Ha! Bossy tears up the poster in a toddler-esque pique. Lynette looks on, amazed. MAVO: "Until one day, when it occurred to Lynette there was one form of relaxation she had yet to try."

Lynette and Bossy Boobs are in a bar; Lynette is introducing BB to a "gimlet." BB, with much cynicism, accuses Lynette of trying to get BB so loose that she'll approve Lynette's revised pitch. Lynette: "Don't be ridiculous!" And then, in the direction of the bar, Lynette yells, "Could we get a trough of these, please!" And BB laughs! Ding, dong, Bossy Boobs laughed! BB tries to remember the last time she was in a bar: "Must have been the last time I had a boyfriend, which was...oh god, I'm a nun." Lynette wonders why BB doesn't get in "the game," and BB tells her, "Believe it or not," and this recapper really, really does not, "when it comes to meeting men, I am shy." Lynette, on the other hand, is not at all shy, and she points out some guy over at the bar that Lynette claims has been staring over at BB. BB dishes that she actually finds bar-man to be "cute," and Lynette encourages her to go over to him. BB refuses! Lynette says, "Oh for god's sake," and walks right on over to the man herself while BB buries her head in her hands. "Hey Stretch," Lynette says to the guy. I love it when people call other people "Stretch"! Lynette tells him that her friend thinks he's cute, and they look over at BB, who waves weakly. Lynette suggests that he buy her a drink, and he nods receptively.

The next day, the office is buzzing with activity (as in, it's probably well past 9 AM) when the elevator doors part, revealing a verrrrrryyyy relaxed Bossy Boobs. Her hair is tousled, she's sipping a latte, and she's wearing yesterday's clothes. She is medicated-ly nice to everyone as she walks in, all, "Hey," "Hi," and "Beautiful morning, isn't it?" She tells a startled-looking Lynette that she read the new vodka proposal -- huh, how did that work? Did she check her email over at the bar-man's house? -- and Bossy thinks Lynette's team "hit it out of the park!" MAVO: "And although it had come about in an unexpected manner..." Lynette asks BB if the clothes she's wearing are the same as the clothes she wore to the bar, and BB gleefully confesses that she is, indeed, wearing the very same outfit, and then she winks. MAVO: "...Nina's tension had finally been released...the old-fashioned way." BB, it appears, got herself a happy ending!

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