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They Asked Me Why I Believe In You

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They Asked Me Why I Believe In You

When we get back from the credits, we find the MAVO still in a very talkative mood. She tells us all about how everyone needs someone to depend on, be it a companion, friend, or dog. And then she tells us that Susan's dependable someone, her "rock," was her book agent, Lonny Moon (Wallace Shawn!). I'm beginning to worry that this prolonged and repeated MAVO exposure is giving me cancer. We see in flashback that Lonny was the one who helped Susan promote her first book. Susan's hair is longer and fuller in the flashback, and there's a poster hanging behind her announcing that she is the author of Ants in My Picnic Basket. I thought Susan was a children's book illustrator (versus author)? But what do I know; I also thought Ants in My Picnic Basket was a saucy adults-only board game. We flash back to another scene, the night Lonny rushed a be-bumped Susan to the hospital to give birth to Julie. Then we flash to Susan looking supremely glum, wearing a sombrero, and riding behind Lonny on the back of a burro: it seams Lonny also swept Susan away on a tropical vacation when Karl left her. The depressing sombrero footage freezes to a still that morphs into a photograph which, we see, is attached to the side of Susan's fridge with a heart-shaped magnet. We pan back and see through the kitchen window that Lonny is marching up to Susan's door. MAVO: "Sadly for Susan, her rock was about to crumble." I wonder how many MAVOs start with "Sadly for Susan"? Like two out of every three? As Susan goes to open the door for Lonny, she walks past a television set that's playing a news announcement about "new developments in the Melanie Foster case." Susan asks Lonny what he's doing there, and he enthuses that it's past noon, which means it's "now socially acceptable to begin drinking!"

Cut to Lonny and Susan tipping back beers in a bar. Susan says she's glad she came out, even though she's totally behind in her work (as an author). Wallace tells Susan...wait, no, Lonny tells Susan...Wally? Wally tells Susan that he actually had an ulterior motive for taking her out for some daytime drinking: he's starting his own agency! This is jarring news for Susan, considering how Wally helped build "Muir and Hunt" (the agency he's leaving). Wally plays it like it was simply time for a change. Will Susan make the move with him, he very much wonders? Without hesitating, Susan says that of course she'll keep him as her agent, and together they toast "to the future." Then Susan says something about informing the agency, you know, out of politeness. Wally tries to talk Susan out of it, but then he gets a sort of deflated look, and confesses that there's been some "bad blood" between the partners and Wally: "I got into this thing where I had to move a little client money around temporarily to cover some expenses." Susan thinks that it "sorta sounds like embezzlement." Wally, shouting: "Why do people keep using that WORD?" Susan asks who's been using the word "embezzlement," and Wally says nobody...well, the partners, and...their forensic accountant. Susan gasps as it occurs to her that Wally might have moved around some of her money, even though (as it's been pointed out on the boards) the likelihood of a book agent having access to a client's funds is pretty unlikely. ["It might be different with TV agents since, as Steve Sicherman told us, something like this happened to Marc Cherry." -- Wing Chun] Wally insists that he absolutely did not touch any of Susan's money. Wally starts to beg Susan, telling her that he knows what he did was wrong, but she must please, please not hate him. Susan gives a few pats and tells Wally that she could never hate him. Wally closes his eyes and, with much sadness and tension, asks Susan again if she'll still come with him. The Desperate Housewives "hello hijinks" music starts to play, and Susan says, "You know what? This is one of those times when you find out who your real friends are. So: yeah." Wally thanks Susan profusely, hugs her hugely, and tells her what a "special lady" she is. Oh, Susan's special all right!

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