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They Asked Me Why I Believe In You

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They Asked Me Why I Believe In You

Carlos and Gabby fall into a sulky silence, and the priest tries to divert the group's attention back to Mona, but Gabby starts in again, asking Carlos how he even knows that the Lecherous Lawyer Bradley has a good body, considering that the man never took off his suit in front of Carlos. Carlos wants to know if Gabby knows whether the LLB has a nice body, which Gabby heatedly denies. Lamont: "I bet he's hot." Mona: "Do I need to say what our biggest problem is? Or can everybody figure it out for themselves?" Whee!

Susan and Julie are hanging out in the living room, reading things. Mike leans over the back of Susan's couch and asks Susan why she's still reading Wally's contract: "You didn't seriously say you were thinking about going with him?" Susan says that Wally is family, and that he's always been there for her: he paid her rent when she was waiting for her first royalty check, he called her every day when Karl left: "I just owe him so much!" Which is why we've seen him exactly zero times before now? Mike: "Susan, he committed a felony." Susan: "Okay, who in this room has not committed a felony, raise your hand?" And then, to Mike, she says, "Ah-ah-ah! Not so fast." Zing! Mike says that her agent represents her, which requires trust, which just isn't possible now. Susan thinks that it is possible, because she has faith in people, and she knows Wally's sorry: "What, you don't believe people deserve second chances?" Mike: "Not when they've messed up this much, no." Susan: "Really? So that's it with you? You just get one shot. You screw up and you're out. I didn't know that you were such a cynic." Neither did I! It seems like Susan's screwed up with Mike plenty of times before, and vice versa, and they just keep on getting back together. Mike apologizes, saying that it's just the way he's "wired."

Mike takes off to go do some work. Susan sighs worriedly, and Julie asks her if she's okay. More to the point, is Julie okay? Because she is taking some seriously dangerous fashion risks today: what is that, a potholder? Stitched to the front of her lace-trimmed brown tank top? Oh, Julie. Susan confesses that she's gone and done something "really, really bad." Julie remains silent. Susan: "Well, aren't you going to ask me what it is?" Julie: "Do I even have to?" On cue, Susan tells Julie how, last week, she found Zana, gave him money, and sent him away, all without telling Mike. Julie: "Holy crap! What are you gonna do?" Once again, Susan reveals her profound immaturity and asks Julie what she would do if she were in this situation. Julie: "You see, this would never happen to me. This kind of thing only happens to you." Susan whines at Julie to stop judging her. Julie rolls her eyes and says that, obviously, Susan has to tell Mike. Susan snaps that she can't do that! Julie heard Mike! About how he's wired? Clearly, once he finds out how Susan betrayed him, he'll never forgive her. Julie: "Okay, don't tell him." Susan argues, then, that she can't not tell him, regarding how guilty she feels every time Mike talks about Zana. Julie asks where Susan thinks Zana went, and Susan tells her he went to Utah, and then sighs a sad, sad sigh. Susan: "Oh, lord. Why did I do this?" Julie: "I have a feeling you did it for me." Aw.

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