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They Asked Me Why I Believe In You

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They Asked Me Why I Believe In You

Cut to the totally stroked mailman, who's delivering yet another package to the Young residence (they do get an awful lot of mail). When he sets down the package, we see that the box, which was bursting with mail when last we saw it, is now...empty! Eee eee eee, etc.!

It's the end of the day, and Bossy Boobs comes in to Lynette's office and says she hopes Lynette's in the mood for margaritas because it's "Salsa Night at O'Donnell's." Lynette tells Bossy that,while that sure does sound fun, she can't: she promised the twins she'd help them with their science project. First of all, yay! Another piece of (admittedly circumstantial) evidence that the twins exit! But what? The twins of my (admittedly foggy) memory are like five or maybe six years old. Are kids that young really doing science projects? I guess they start training kids for world domination at a pretty tender age these days. Bossy takes a new tack with Lynette, saying in a concerned voice that if Lynette can't hack the late hours, maybe she should be moved to a less-demanding account, which makes zero sense. Now if Bossy had said that the whole team was getting together to brainstorm some ideas for the next pitch over at Salsa Night, maybe there'd be an argument for equating "margaritas" with "work," but...clearly I'm taking this all way too seriously. Anyway, so Lynette calls Bossy on her maneuvering, asking point-blank if Lynette's getting pulled from the vodka account just because she won't go out drinking. Wouldn't that be ironic? Don't you think? Bossy denies it, saying she understands that Lynette has made her family her number-one priority: "I mean, for me, the client comes first. Being a perfectionist is my own neurotic issue, and I know I really need to work on that." Okay, so I guess Bossy is trying to make it seem that this is about Lynette leaving early to be with her kids, and not about going to the bar? Which is slightly more sense-making. Nonetheless, I still feel like the whole setup is confusing and also crummy, and I feel a bit sorry for Lynette...

...who indeed agrees to go to O'Donnell's, which is hopping. Bossy and Lynette haven't even sat down yet when Bossy spots some ripe fruit of a man sitting at the end of the bar. She says to Lynette: "Get him for me." Poor Lynette!

Betty sits at the kitchen table. She's wearing rubber cleaning gloves and writing something on a sheet of paper. A timer goes off, and she takes off the gloves and prepares Basement Buddy's tray and takes it down to the dungeon. Basement Buddy is sitting there on the bed, un-manacled, and Betty doesn't even have her gun, or son, with her or anything. Huh? Buddy starts to eat, and she starts changing his bedding. Casually, she mentions that they're "going on about Melanie Foster on the news." He stops chewing. Betty: "It's time we talked about it, Caleb." Basement Buddy's name is Caleb! Betty tells Caleb that until he "accepts responsibility for what happened," she can't let him out of the dungeon. Upstairs, strapping Matthew -- who is wearing a very well-fitted wife-beater tank-top -- reads over what Betty was writing: it's a letter in all block letters. It reads: "To the Chicago Police Dept, I know who really killed Melanie Foster. You have arrested the wrong man." Matthew, yelling: "What the hell is this, Ma? Where are you?" Betty tells Caleb that she'll be right back, at which time she will expect some answers out of him. She rushes out of the dungeon, yelling to Matthew upstairs that she's coming, and hastily locks the door. We see that lock that Matthew installed is only partly engaged. The Desperate Housewives "danger is warming up on deck" music swells!

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