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They Asked Me Why I Believe In You

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They Asked Me Why I Believe In You

Upstairs, Matthew tears into Betty, yelling at her for writing such a terrible note. "What are you thinking?" he asks her once, he asks her twice. Betty insists that the police need to know the truth. Matthew: "The HELL they do! This is our chance!" Downstairs, Caleb shimmies and shakes the door open and then creeps up the stairs, so he's in prime eavesdropping position to hear Matthew say, "You want to do the right thing? Then call 911 and tell them you've got a killer locked up in the basement." Betty, sharply: "He is not a killer. He was confused. He didn't know what he was doing." Matthew tells her that Caleb knows a lot more than Betty gives him credit for. Betty says firmly that she's still going to mail the letter. Matthew: "If you do, you better hope to god they don't find us, 'cause they're not going to care how slow Caleb is; they'll just execute him." We see Caleb, on the darkened stairway, looking stricken. Slowly, he creeps back down to his dungeon and closes the door. Okaaaay, so Betty's been keeping a mentally damaged man -- her son I guess? -- drugged and (sometimes) manacled in her basement? That seems unusual, and cruel. Also, isn't whoever goes down to see Caleb next going to notice that his door wasn't locked?

Speaking of unlocked doors! Susan arrives at Wally's front door and notices that his lock has been drilled out, so she pushes the door open and goes on inside. Wally's house is almost entirely devoid of furniture, very "Spartan chic." She yells out, and Wally trots in from the back of the house. He seems very alarmed to see her, and he rather abruptly demands to know why she's there. Susan tells him she came by to drop off her contract, and that she let herself in because his door was open. Susan walks back with Wally to a sort of ad hoc office space, which is pretty chaotic. Wally apologizes for how messy things are, saying something about how he's keeping all his stuff there while the new office space gets painted. Susan peeks in at the kitchen and notices that the counters are covered in lots of boxes, cans, and bottles. Clearly suspicious about all the chaos, Susan asks, "Where's Jeannie?" Wally says that Jeannie, his wife, is with the kids up in Minnesota, visiting her mom. Susan flicks a light switch and it doesn't work. Wally pretends to be all surprised that the electricity is turned off. Susan -- aware now that things are definitely amiss -- confronts Wally, asking him to tell her exactly how much financial trouble he's in. With an eye on Susan's contract, which is still in her hand, Wally lies that he's fine. Susan gives him a look, and he reveals that he did have to pay all those people back: "Restitution plus interest. It's not something I'd recommend. It sucks you dry."

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