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Him? Hmm.

Lynette finds Preston sulking in his room later, and tells him Tom told her he called off the wedding, and she thinks that was the right thing. He doesn't even look at her. She cries that she knows he hates her, and she's okay with that. She goes to leave, but comes back to tell him that she loves him so much she'd rather have him resent her or cut her off completely than allow him to make a mistake that can ruin his life. She tells him to go ahead and hate him for as long as he wants, but she'll be here waiting when he's done. He cries and she cries as she walks over and kisses him on the head. He still doesn't even look at her as she leaves, telling him not to take too long, because she misses him already. On the street, Irina's walking with her suitcase to a hotel when Eddie stops and offers her a ride. He makes small talk in the car, saying it's Preston's loss. Then he says she could save money by staying at his place instead, but she doesn't think so. He says there won't be any funny business, unless she wants some. He tells her it will help her get over Preston, and he has no problem letting her use him. She says he's a little out of his league, don't you think? "I mean, I didn't come to America to end up with some greasy-haired little boy." His faces changes from goofy to angry as he jerks the car off the road. She asks what he's doing, and then he turns to her with crazy eyes and we hear a struggle as the camera gives us a long shot of the car.

Then we see a shovel dig into dirt and Irina's dead body lying next to the hole being dug as Mary Alice picks back up: "We all know that evil exists. The newspapers are filled with stories about young girls who suddenly vanish." The next day's newspaper arrives on all the Wisteria doorsteps as MAVO says we don't pay attention, "because we're worried about our marriages." Susan picks up her paper and watches Mike leave in his truck. "Concerned about our friendships." Gaby picks hers up and looks at Bob, who looks away. "Anxious about our employees." Bree reads hers as she looks up at a smiling Sam. Lynette comes out to get hers. MAVO: "Yes, we don't pay attention to evil because we think it will never come to our house." Eddie arrives and says hi to Lynette, who smiles sweetly. MAVO: "But it does. And sometimes, we let it in." Lynette lets Eddie in, but he looks behind him creepily before entering.

Next week: Lynette knows something bad is happening. Eddie's apparently connected with all of the women in some way: handyman, art student, pedicurist?

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Desperate Housewives




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