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So Gabby goes over to Al The Accountant's house to try and see him. The woman at the door invites her in, where Gabby learns that Al is dead. How inconvenient for her.

Ida's horrible nephew and niece have shown up to pick up Ida's stuff. At least, that stuff of Ida's that's of any value. Like her pearl necklace, which she promised to Mrs. McC, but since Mrs. McC doesn't have that in writing, she's out of luck. As Ida's relatives get ready to hit the road, Lynette recommends a diner near Granville Field, where, you'll recall, Ida wanted her ashes scattered. But that's kind of out of the way, and the kids just want to rush home to Omaha and stick Ida in the family plot. Lynette protests, but the relatives are adamant. They won't even let Lynette spread the ashes for them. So when Lynette goes inside to get the urn for them, she dumps Ida into a freezer bag and replaces her with dust from the vacuum cleaner. She then sends it off, with them none the wiser. I hope that cremains switcheroo works out better for her than it did for Nate on Six Feet Under. Because I don't yet hate Lynette as much as I did Nate. Give me time, though.

At Al's wake, Gabby comforts the widow as a transparent subterfuge to find out where Al's files are now. Whereupon she ends up in the garage, surrounded by stacks of boxes not unlike that scene at the end of Raiders of the Lost Ark. She ransacks the place for a while, then spots a box marked "Current Accounts M-Z at the bottom of a stack. Hauling it out, she accidentally hits the button for the garage door opener, revealing herself to the family and pallbearers loading the coffin into the hearse immediately outside. So in an attempt to cover, she throws a huge, fake grief-hissy. I don't think it works.

Bree and Orson have invited Walter over to Susan's for dinner, sending Susan and Julie excitedly upstairs with dinner trays to eat in their rooms. Which is nice. They're also planning to set up Walter with Andrew, which is less nice.

Dylan finds Adam in the guest room of the Mayfair house, packing. Adam explains without explaining, and Dylan's pissed that Katherine has won once again. She storms out. Adam bends down to pick up the rolled-up pair of socks Dylan threw, and in so doing, he finds the crumpled up note that Aunt Lily wrote and dropped way back in 2007. Because Katherine is just that sloppy a housekeeper.

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