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Gabby is in Carlos's hospital room, breaking the news that there are no other copies of the papers she lost. But they agree to stay together no matter what. "For richer or for poorer," she says. "In sickness and in health," Carlos adds with secret (for about ten more seconds) significance. At the end of this happy scene, Gabby says hi to Carlos's doctor as she leaves the room. And once she's gone, we learn that Carlos is not going to be getting his sight back, not that Carlos has worked up the nerve to tell Gabby yet. The doctor doesn't think Gabby will leave Carlos because of that. "You don't know Gabby," Carlos sighs.

Lynette and Mrs. McC apparently got to go home with a warning, much to Mrs. McC's relief. "I was this close to my third strike," she says. Gazing across the street at the pile under which Ida gave her life to save Lynette's family, Lynette realizes that fulfilling Ida's last wish wasn't enough. Mrs. McC says that's why we have to appreciate people while they're still around. And with that, Lynette is suddenly interested in hearing all about Mrs. McC's first two strikes.

Katherine comes home to see Adam's suitcases by the front door, and Adam himself sitting by the fire. She wonders why he's still there, and he tells her that she can't fire him; he quits. Or something to that effect. He shows her the note he found on the floor, and accuses her of blaming "what happened" on her ex-husband, when all along it was Katherine's fault. So he thinks they're even, betrayal-wise. "In fact, I think you win," he says as an exit line. Katherine is left standing there with tears in her eyes. At least once an episode, Dana Delany gets to do this. She hurriedly shreds the note and throws the scraps in the fire. Dylan comes down the stairs. How much of that conversation did she hear? And since we didn't actually learn anything from it, does it really matter?

Mary Alice VOs that it's been a week since the tornado, and people are still cleaning up. One of them is Dylan, who sweeps the ashes out of the Mayfairs' cold fireplace into a pan. Somehow, a few scraps survived, and as Dylan assembles them, Mary Alice says, "And then, there was one girl who stumbled upon the truth she'd long been searching for. Only to wish she hadn't." And Dylan commences freaking out.

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