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We're Gonna Be All Right

And now, time for the MAVO SUMMARY: "Illnesses can take on many forms. Those of the body are easy to treat." Lynette dabs calamine lotion on one of the P-children. "Much more difficult are the hidden maladies that fester in our hearts." Lynette looks over at Tom, who stands off to the side, watching his family forlornly. MAVO: "The secret addictions that consume men's souls." Gardener Ralph looks at "something" on his laptop and smiles to himself. MAVO: "And the diseases we deny which affect our judgment." Bree sits on her porch, alone, sipping wine. MAVO: "To survive we need to find that special someone who can heal us." Dr. Young comes into the waiting room at the hospital and finds Susan waiting there. She's smiles at him hugely and hands him a basket of, I think, muffins (the perfect snack before sushi!). Noah, now with an oxygen tube in his nose, lies in bed while an unidentified nurse bustles beside him. He mutters, "I work so hard all my life, so hard. Now it's all nothing." The nurse inserts his IV, but Noah doesn't even notice. He just keeps on staring off into space and muttering: "I got one daughter I hate, and who hates me, and one dead before her time. No one left for me now. Oh, what did I do it for..." He finally notices the IV in his arm. "That was good," he tells the nurse, "I didn't feel a thing." And then his thoughts turn inward again: "I have enough pain. I don't need any more." MAVO: "But we can never predict who will have the cure for what ails us." A familiar, scratchy voice says to Noah, "The other nurses all warned me you were difficult, Mr. Taylor." MAVO, ominously: "Or when they'll show up." The camera pans to reveal the identity of Noah's new nurse. It's Felicia Tilman! And she has a fresh, closely cropped haircut that's very "runway mental patient." Felicia: "But I think we're going to get along just fine." I'll BET. Felicia plus Noah equals woo hoo!

Next week: Gabby and Sister Mary Hotpants get into a catfight and roll around on the floor while some choir kids stand around looking awkward!

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