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We're Gonna Be All Right

Ahhh, the full credits. Oh how I missed you! (It's been nothing but Credits Lite for so, so long now.)

MAVO: "The annual blood drive was a tradition on Wisteria Lane." Wow, fun! MAVO continues: "Most residents came to help promote health and well-being. But my friends turned up for a different reason." The camera pans across a lawn full of neighbors sipping juice and holding their bent arms gingerly. We zoom in on the Ladies, who are sitting on some benches off to the side. Lynette is in a business suit, so I guess she's there on her lunch break (unlikely, but I guess plausible). Edie is sitting on a bench and wearing a teeny, tiny white dress styled in what I can only describe as "Back-Alley Sex Goddess." The dress is either hiked up or slit all the way up to HERE because her legs are 98% exposed, not to mention expertly positioned for maximum sexiness. She is also wearing super-high and strappy heels -- perfect for traipsing around on grass, while giving blood, on a lazy afternoon in the suburbs of Fairview! MAVO: "They were growing increasingly concerned that their street was infected with a dangerous kind of sickness, and they came to consult with one other about a possible cure." Susan furtively looks over at Betty, and Betty waves back. Smooth Susan returns the wave half-heartedly and then her waving hand crumples into a cringe shield over her eyes as she whispers to her friends, "Oh great, she caught me staring." Gabby points out how nice Betty's been since dead PI Ironside was found out in front of her house. Edie: "I don't trust friendly women." Gabby: "That's okay, they don't trust you either." Hee haw! They speculate about the body, but no one knows anything because the police, it appears, are withholding details. (Aww, Bree and Susan are dutifully wearing their little heart-shaped "I gave blood" stickers!) Gabby: "Bree, maybe you should call in a favor from your police detective pal, have him poke around?" But Bree doesn't think that's the best idea: she and Detective Barton really aren't that close, what with him suspecting her of murdering Rex.

Just then Betty and Matthew stroll over, and Gabby warns the others about their approach by yelling "Betty!" super-obviously. Betty says that a "little birdie" told her that Susan's birthday is coming up, and she suggests they all go out to celebrate! They all smile and tell Betty what a great plan that is, and that they're all totally THERE. As the Applewrongs beat a retreat, Matthew whispers to Betty out of the corner of his mouth, "So why are you everybody's best friend all of a sudden?" Betty: "If ever there was a time to be neighborly, this is it." Matthew complains that he and she are "idiots" for hanging around Fairview: "I mean, how do we know [Monroe] didn't tell Foster where we're hiding?" Betty insists that if dead PI Ironside had spilled, they'd have heard about it by now. Besides, all their money is sunk into the house. Plus, running right now would look suspicious. Matthew still thinks they should just sell the house and leave. Betty: "What we need is a story, a reason for us to move."

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