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It's a Creepy Day in the Neighborhood

Bree comes home from the party and finds Orson still awake. She tells him she wishes he'd been there, because Linda Flanigan loved her food, and said she was God's gift to the table, and that's going on the book jacket. Orson's stone-faced. She asks if he's all right. He's hungry. She can't believe he hasn't eaten, but he was waiting for her because she said she'd make him pot roast. She lost track of time with Linda and blah, blah, blah, excuses, excuses. She promises him the pot roast tomorrow. But he's had enough, and he'd like the pot roast now. She promised. She's been cooking all day and is so tired she can barely stand. But he holds firm: "You promised." I think there's something deeper here: that she said she'd forgive him if he served his time. She goes into the kitchen to make the pot roast, and is crying into her carrots. Orson pours himself some more wine and glowers over the newspaper. (There's nothing like waiting until midnight to read the paper, so that you're almost two days behind on what's going on in the world.) There seems to be something ominous in this situation, but I don't get how the tables can turn so quickly with these two. It's the most unbelievable relationship on the show for me right now, and that's even including Dave and Edie, which is disturbing, but probably at least somewhat believable. But having the power shift this quickly like it just seems to have with Bree and Orson makes no sense.

Speaking of Dave and Edie, Mrs. McCluskey comes home to find Toby in the chair. She asks him where he's been, but since he's a cat, he doesn't answer. However, the living room window is open again. She walks outside, as Mary Alice says that everyone does appreciate a good neighbor. We get the same montage from earlier, but when Susan helps with Lynette's groceries, she also ignores how moody Porter is -- and that he's not helping with the groceries and instead just stands there glaring; Tom delivers the mail but pretends not to notice Gaby's unhappily throwing things and/or picking them up in the messy house; Parker offers to mow the lawn, but doesn't mention how cold Orson seems. Mrs. McCluskey brings Katherine flowers. When Katherine asks why, she tells her that she needs to use her computer to find out more about Edie's husband. Mary Alice wraps it up: "But if you're not sure the man next door is as nice as he would have you believe, do everything you can to get to know him better." Including, perhaps, having him help with your light bulbs?

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