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Sex, Lies and Videotape

First off, thanks to Zach for filling in last week so that I could take a nice, long relaxing weekend. And also thanks to all of the doctors who have Gale Harold recovering. I can't believe I haven't mentioned that before now, but I have definitely been thinking positive thoughts and wishing the best for him (and for me, since I will not enjoy weecapping this nearly as much if he's not in an episode).

Previously: Susan and Jackson decided to start over. (It's so simple! Problems just go away!) Gaby was upset that Carlos was giving a massage client orgasms until the woman flashed her money (and dresses) at Gaby. Katherine hooked up with Mike. Lynette caught Tom in what looked like a compromising situation with Anne, but it was really Tom who caught Preston with her -- except Tom didn't know who he caught Preston with, just that he'd been having sex in the band's rehearsal space. I think practice is officially ruined for Tom, by the way.

Title cards tell us this is "That Same Night," and "Five Minutes Later." At the Scavo house. There's a slight misunderstanding. Lynette thinks Tom's having an affair with Anne. Tom returns from the garage and tells Lynette it was a false alarm at the restaurant. She calls him a liar, and he plays dumb. Which, technically, Tom, you're lying to her either way, so cool it with the innocent act, would you? Lynette says she followed him to warehouse and knows everything. When people say they know "everything" to other people on TV or movies, there is almost always a misunderstanding and then we get the fun conversations that follow. This one's a perfect example. First, Tom laughs and grabs a beer. Lynette's like, "I'm going to need a little more than that." He tells her she's right, and he shouldn't have kept this from her -- and, for what it's worth, he wanted to bring her in on it, but thought she'd overreact. She's shocked that that's what he's afraid of. He tells her to face it: Boys will be boys, and then asks if she's really surprised. He says this isn't the first time this has happened, and won't be the last. She says she's going to have to kill him now. Tom's like, "He's your son, too." She asks what he's talking about, and Tom says he found out Porter's been hooking up with some girl at the band's rehearsal space. Just then Porter walks in, and Lynette stands up and says, "You're having sex with your best friend's mother?" Tom stands up, too, shocked. [I'm actually glad that misunderstanding was resolved as quickly as it was. For some reason, I imagined it being drawn out forever, because Lynette is stubborn and Tom is a dimwit. - Zach]

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