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Sex, Lies and Videotape

Next week: Gaby wants "Grandma Screwloose" out of their lives, but Carlos tells her they're her sole heirs. Not worth it. In any way. Lynette asks Anne if she's really pregnant, and Mr. Schilling hears it and isn't happy. But he doesn't seem angry or violent. Julie's here, and she's apparently dating Steven Weber, but Susan doesn't want her to be someone's fourth wife. A reporter hates Bree, because she thinks Bree's a sham. Then a fire breaks out on stage during Battle of the Bands. We see Carlos and Mike both fall to the ground, and then see Edie telling a firefighter that her husband's inside and he has to go back in there. Ooh, the drama. Will Creepy Dave die? I'm thinking not, unless they want to wrap up his mystery and start a new one in one episode. Though if they could somehow kill him off and make the doctor the new mystery, I'd be impressed.

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