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Sex, Lies and Videotape

Bree shows up at Katherine's to give her the tape. Katherine's very apologetic about doing that in the kitchen, but Bree quickly brushes past that because she lives in a glass house. But she's not going to brush past the fact that this is Mike, and that Mike is Susan's ex-husband, and that Susan is Katherine's oldest friend on this street. Katherine says that Susan divorced him and is seeing someone else. While Katherine might not know it, technically, Susan tried to get Mike not to sign the papers, so he technically divorced her. Katherine asks why Mike can't do the same, and Bree says it's because they're women, and they don't do that to each other. I don't think that men do that to their friends, either, by the way. But what do I know? [Well, they at least ask. - Z] Katherine thinks it's okay, because she's been alone for five years, and she's in a relationship, and is having the time of her life. Bree tells her to be careful, and that she'd hate to see it end badly. See, now, those rules are rules that I support Bree pushing. Why can't we always have this softer, kinder Bree?

Lynette knocks on Porter's door to let him know breakfast is ready. She goes in the room and tells him she gets why he's hating her right now. He says he doesn't hate her. She just keeps going, though, telling him that one day he'll meet someone more appropriate, who wants the same things out of life. She says that she hopes he'll see where she's coming from then. He gets and takes a phone call. It's Anne, but Porter pretends it's Gary. Anne says she can leave town Saturday and asks if he has the money. He says "No problem." She says she loves him, and he sighs heavily, and they both hang up. He shakes his head ever-so-slightly. He then tells his mom that he knows where she's coming from and he wants her and Tom to know how much he appreciates everything they've done. She says, "Good," and that she'll see him downstairs. He reaches under his bed and pulls out the box of money. The first time I watched this, I read it as he's definitely leaving with Anne, but upon second viewing, I'm not so sure. I think there are a couple other options: 1. They're leaving town to have an abortion. 2. He's giving her money to leave on her own to get away from her violent husband (this could explain the head shake and him telling Lynette he knows where she's coming from).

Mary Alice starts to talk about desire: Porter's for Anne, causing him to make foolish choices. Grandma Nutjob's for family, causing her to act out in anger. Katherine's for Mike (and to not be lonely), causing her to behave recklessly. And the doctor's for Mike. We know this as he books his flight to Fairview. The key, I think, is in Mary Alice's exact words: "And when the pursuit of our heart's desire becomes an obsession, the best we can hope for is a caring friend willing to come along... and stop us." So, Dr. Heller clearly knows what Creepy Dave's up to in Fairview and has to get there to stop him from doing whatever it is he's going to do to Mike.

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