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From Zero to Proposal

And sing it, MAVO! After some mumbo-MAVO about all the big and small questions we ask ourselves every day, etc., she starts dropping the big Qs:

"Will be I around to watch my children grow up?" Lynette tucks her kids into bed and then stands at the door, watching them with a steely, complicated forlornness. My friends? Felicity Huffman is hands-down the strongest male actor on this show.

Next, we see Gabby looking nervously on as the Mayor bosses around the flower guy. "Am I making a mistake by marrying this man?"

Edie watches Carlos (while he...hangs up a pair of pants? or something?), her arms crossed, her head on the doorsill. MAVO: "Could he ever truly love me?"

Susan and Mike curl up in front of the TV, and MAVO says, "And what happens when we ask ourselves the hard question, and get the answer we were hoping for? Well. That's when happiness begins." Aw, yeah. I know I go on and on about how much Susan annoys me, and how leaden Mike is, but I'm weirdly happy to see these two happy. Though maybe it's just end-of-season fatigue?

Up next: It's the season finale, and Carlos discovers that liar Edie's stash of birth control pills, Lynette's mother pays her a surprise visit, and Bree is back in town. Hey Bree, did you happen to run into Karl while you were off the ABC lot? How about Zana? CreePaul? Felicia? Justin? Oh. Well maybe you could give them a message for us?

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