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Lynette is super-busy, but she agrees to Tom's bizarre request for her to sit down with his old friend, whom she immediately recognizes from Tom's old frat stories -- a frat guy, of course Tom's a frat guy -- as the one who won the "beer pong championship" and then "threw up in the trophy." Again: barfing? Beer pong? These are not things you want to know about a potential therapist. Of course, it takes Lynette about four Earth seconds -- and lots of pointed and shocked stares at Tom (who keeps divulging all these freaky personal facts about their marriage and the Tootie Troubles) -- to figure out what's going on here, and the second she pieces it together -- "What is this, ambush therapy?" -- she's gone. And another Tom Scavo plan ends in failure. Wah-wah. Also: Lynette's mascara is subtly smudged beneath her eyes in this scene, giving her a very "I'm still wearing the same makeup from two days ago" look that definitely helps underscore this fit of blues she's in the midst of.

In a direct echo of the not-so-distant scene where Gabby forced Lynette and Susan to turn on Edie, now Susan has gathered Lynette and Edie to turn them on Gabby over this whole Stolen Wedding issue. In a nice nod to continuity, Edie is super gung-ho in support of Susan's anti-Gabby ranting -- Edie doesn't need to be cajoled into joining the Gabby Sucks club; she's been the clubs sole member for weeks now, and she's more than happy to up the membership: "I've never known anyone as dishonest and manipulative [as Gabby]," she says, and it's clear that even she thinks that's rich, coming from her. Lynette, who is still looking a far cry from her personal best, is arguing for moderation: Does Susan really want to end her friendship with Gabby over this? Susan: "No, I guess not." Edie: "Wuss. Well, at least get her a thoughtless crappy gift, like a blender." Susan: "I got you a blender for Christmas!" Edie, smiling bright: "And I use it every day!" What's wrong with a blender? And why is Susan buying the woman who burned her house down a Christmas present? Inquiring minds, etc.

Later. Susan selects a bottle of wine from her larder and heads out the door, only to run into Gabby (why, is that the silver leather space blazer?), who's come by with a gigantic box of chocolates. (Is that a price tag I spy, still affixed to the bottom of the box? If Bree were here, she'd have kittens.) The two ladies hug and exchange high-pitched keens of "sorry." Cut to...

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