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Who's That Woman?

KimberBree's. She knocks on Andrew's door, but he won't let her in. "Where were you last night?" she asks. He claims to be at the home of some kid named "Brian." KimberBree narrows her eyes. She called Brian's mother. "Don't lie to me," she says. Good advice. She has ways of making people talk. Those ways generally involve roofies, car accidents, and, as a last resort, bombs. Andrew snaps that she lied to him about Rex. Andrew called his father and he knows that Rex moved out. KimberBree's face softens a bit, and she explains that she thought this bad news would upset the kids. She was protecting him. Andrew reiterates that she lied, so she should stop pretending that she has "some kind of moral authority." KimberBree snaps that she doesn't have to share her marital difficulties with him. And that nothing gives him the right to be rude. "You drove my father away. Does that give me the right to be rude?" Andrew asks, right before he slams the door in her face. Man, that kid is playing with fire.

Across the way, Carlos gets ready for work. He finds The Sock under the bed. Gabrielle sees him staring at it and grabs a handful of laundry. She races downstairs with it and tosses it into a hamper. She meets Carlos coming down the stairs. He waves the sock in her face. "What is this?" Gabrielle obviouses that it's a sock. He demands to know whose sock it is. "For God's sake, Carlos. It's Yao Lin's," she says. "Our maid wears size 13 gym socks?" he asks. Gabrielle explains that Yao Lin uses them to dust, and drags him over to see the rest of the laundry: "See? Socks instead of rags." And Carlos seems to buy it. Gabrielle sighs with relief. Oh, what a tangled web we blah blah blah.

Supermarket. Susan is in the checkout line. Mrs. Kravitz comes up behind her, and begins unloading package after package of meat. She chirps a cheery hello: "Did you and Mike come together? I saw him over in the fresh produce aisle." As opposed to the popular rotting produce aisle. Susan -- desperate to prove to Mrs. Kravitz that she doesn't like Mike and couldn't possibly have burned down anyone's house for him -- denies this and reiterates that they are just friends. Also, she "did not do that thing [Mrs Kravitz] accused [her] of." Mike saunters up, of course, greets them, and asks Susan out, again, and she stammers and stutters and turns him down. Mike looks gobsmacked. Mrs. Kravitz looks amused. Susan, you ignorant slut. Mike wanders off, confused and disappointed. Mrs. Kravitz reflects that it's really so silly of Susan to pretend not to like Mike. "Drop it," Susan says. "Don't be so rude," Mrs. Kravitz says. "Your secret is not an easy burden to bear. That insurance company is putting Edie though hell and still I've said nothing. The longer it takes for her to get payment, the longer she stays with me, eating me out of house and home. Using up my hot water." Susan sighs and asks what Mrs. Kravitz wants. Well, she wants Susan to buy her groceries. And Susan does. Poooooor stupid, sweet Susan.

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