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Who's That Woman?

Susan's phone rings. She comes out of bathroom in a towel and listens to Mrs. Kravitz on the machine. Mrs. Kravitz's water heater burst and it's going to take six hundred dollars to fix it, she explains very...expectantly. Susan looks horrified and races to Julie's room. "We need to talk," she tells the kid. "I think I'm being blackmailed."

Down in the kitchen, Susan comes clean to Julie about the fire. "Why do I even let you out of the house?" Julie wonders. Julie, we're all wondering that very same thing. Susan suggests that she just go to police. It was an accident, so she doesn't think she'll get thrown in jail. Julie wisely points out that even if she doesn't, Karl will totally use something like ARSON to reopen custody hearings, and Julie really, really doesn't want to live with him. Susan's face softens and she hugs her child. They make similar scheming faces.

Gabrielle's. Carlos confronts Miguel on the lawn, and asks him a series of questions about the Cable Guy. Miguel's answers inadvertently make it look like Miguel is covering up for Gabrielle's affair with the Cable Guy rather than Miguel's own affair with Gabrielle. Miguel, you are a bad liar. But a lucky one. Of course, you were a total idiot on Passions, too. But remember that time the walls in your girlfriend's house started bleeding? That was cool. On the other hand, that probably should have tipped you off that something was wrong in the house. Maybe if you'd figured that out, you wouldn't have gotten trapped when that house got sucked into the depths of hell. On the other hand, that was really pretty entertaining, so it's probably for the best.

Meanwhile, back at Susan's, she and Julie have concocted a plan to steal back the measuring cup from Mrs. Kravitz. Said plan involves both a Frisbee and Mrs. Kravitz's doggie door. That's all you really need to know.

As soon as Mrs. Kravitz leaves, the girls move into action, playing Frisbee across the street until it sails into her backyard. Julie then scampers into the yard, as Susan stands guard awkwardly. And it's all going so well until Mike shows up. And then Edie shows up. And then Edie wants to go in the house. And Julie is still in the house, stealing the measuring cup back. And so Susan -- because although she is sweet, she is not so clever -- stalls for time to get Julie back out of the house, and decides to do so by GIVING A WHOLE NEW MOVIE-RELATED DATE WITH MIKE TO EDIE. Susan. What are we going to do with you? Everyone looks disappointed and cranky except Edie. And Julie, who doesn't know anything about this debacle and only knows that she managed to snag the cup back.

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