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Previously: Gaby discovered Lynette's pregnancy, so Carlos offered her a promotion -- in Miami. Katherine broke down crying to Susan over her love for Mike. Karl came up with a plan for Bree to blackmail Orson into a divorce by getting him to associate with a known felon. Nick made a call to an agent on his disposable phone, and a waitress overheard. He left the shop, and then someone showed up and strangled her (after she asked said person if they'd forgotten something).

We pick up on the waitress's body as Mary Alice tells us her name (Emily Portsmith) and how quickly word of her death traveled, since everyone in town knew her. Her family was known and respected (they cry when they get the call). She had been popular in school (so we get a shot of Parker on the bus, which is odd, since he seems years younger than Emily). And her loyal customers (our Desperate Housewives) were shocked that she'd been married. Mostly because another young woman had been attacked a few weeks before. We see Susan telling Julie what happened. So, everyone in Fairview knew there was a killer, and they'd soon learn he wasn't finished. We get a close-up of brown shoes and jeans as our killer drops a gum wrapper. If you have any idea why this happened, please let me know, because I'm at a loss.

The next day, the Wisteria women (sans Katherine, of course) get together for their weekly poker game. It's a full house (get it?) because in addition to Bree, Gaby, Lynette, and Susan, Mrs. McCluskey, Angie and Mona (who Susan selected at the neighborhood watch meeting) are there. But no one is in the mood to gamble, so they all sit around and discuss how similar Emily's murder was to Julie's attack. They all talk about how worried they feel, so Mona suggests taking a self-defense class at the hospital, where she works. Bree's okay with that, but pulls out her gun and says she really feels safer with her .38 Special. She offers it to Susan, but she's off guns ever since she accidentally grazed Katherine. Bree: "So, you're still going with 'accidentally'?" Susan glares, but it seems to be all in fun. I think. Julie walks through the room, and Mrs. McC invites her to self-defense, but she tells them her attack came on so suddenly, and she blacked out so quickly, that no self-defense could have helped her. "If someone really wants to get you, they can get you." Well, that really put a damper on this whole, "Let's get pumped in self-defense classes" coffee klatch.

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