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Susan's at a stoplight somewhere when she sees a blue Mini Cooper parked at the Shangri-La Motel. Because there is only one blue Mini Cooper in all of Fairview, she immediately knows it's Julie's. She pulls in next to it and calls Julie, who's at the library. She tells her mom that's where she is, but Susan's not buying it. They have an entire phone conversation in which there's a total lack of communication (like most relationships on this show) that culminates with Julie telling her mom she only has an hour and wants to finish the old favorite she's diving into. (Susan: "And vice versa, I'm sure.") Susan commands Julie to get out of there now, and Julie hangs up on her, with "Mom, I'll see you soon." Susan: "You bet you will." In the room, Karl is undressing and delighting in the blackmail photos. Bree makes it clear that they're not turning Orson in, even if he calls their blackmail bluff. Outside, Susan finds a housekeeper and says she's looking for the redhead from the little blue car, who's with a man. Susan says the redhead's her daughter, and the housekeeper's like, "Damn, you look good." Susan loves this and thanks her, then asks what room they're in. Back in the room, Bree finishes her spiel about not hurting Orson and Karl tells her that her inability to hurt a man she used to love reminds him why he loves her so much. Then they start to get busy as we see Susan peeping. She gasps: "Oh my God! Oh my God!" Commercials.

Gaby shows up at Carlos's office for lunch, but has to run to the ladies room. When she comes out, she sees Lynette in her storage closet. She says hi, and then they have an awkward moment about the "comfy" office. Lynette tells Gaby she has to talk to Carlos. She knows Gaby's upset, but her keeping her pregnancy secret wasn't personal; she just knew she'd tell Carlos. Gaby thinks that is personal, since she didn't trust her not to tell Carlos. Lynette's guessing Gaby's not going to talk to Carlos, and Gaby says, "Good guess." Gaby looks sadly down the hall at Lynette, who looks back at her, depressed.

All the teenage types from this show -- Porter, Danny (sporting a trimmer hair cut) and Ana -- are gathered outside the coffee shop with a guy we've never seen (whom we quickly learn worked at the coffee shop), discussing how shocking it is that Emily's dead. Danny asks who found her, and her co-worker says he was late, thank God, so it was the assistant manager. Julie approaches, and she says she didn't know Emily but guesses they're sort of connected now. Porter takes the coffee boy home, then Ana tells Danny they should go, too, but he says he's going to stay and talk to Julie and doesn't need a ride. Danny asks Julie on a date (to eat or to Emily's funeral, which is odd). Julie says she can't hang out with him, and it's complicated. Danny asks if it's 'cause she slept with his dad, and she asks if he knew that, why would he still... He blurts, "Because I like you!" And he's forgiven her. She tells him that's nice but weird, and it's never going to happen between them. They part, and he sits on a park bench and looks constipated (or sad; it's hard to tell).

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