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At home, Angie's looking out the window, wondering if the cops are going to come. Nick suggests maybe they think about turning themselves in. Angie asks him to please tell her he didn't talk to them, but he says he did, but he's not stupid: He used a prepaid and the call lasted less than a minute. She says they know they're alive now, though. Danny comes in and cries in the other room as they scream at each other. Angie yells that she killed a man, so they'll only want to make a deal that involves her death. She's never talking to them again. Danny cries his way to his room.

Gaby and Carlos are in bed later, as she tells him she can't get the sad image of Lynette out of her head. "The only thing missing in that cramped little office was a hamster wheel and wood chips." Carlos figures Lynette will quit after a couple more days, but Gaby wonders if they're doing the right thing. He convinces her they're justified, since she shouldn't have taken the promotion without telling him she was pregnant (which is NOT true; women do not have to disclose that information to accept a job or a promotion). Gaby says that's why this is their opportunity to do something they never do: forgive. She says Tom and Lynette have been their friends for 15 years and gave them sausage of the month last Christmas. He agrees the sausages were good, and he sort of misses them. Gaby says Carlos should have seen the defeated look in Lynette's eyes when she left her in her office... Which segues to Lynette angrily telling Tom in their bed how the look in Gaby's eyes was like, "Screw you, Lynette. I win." Lynette says that's when she called the lawyer. She's suing them, and Carlos is being served papers tomorrow. Tom sits up and says, "Wow, you are really getting worked up here." Lynette: "We are not having angry sex." Tom, laying back down: "Just thought I'd ask."

Angie comes into Danny's room and barks at him about not putting his clothes away. He's lying face down on his bed, and she thinks he's napping at first, but sees an empty bottle of pills. She panics, and he won't wake up, so she yells for Nick.

Self-defense class is in session, with Gaby, Mrs. McC and Susan in attendance. Bree arrives late and says she had three parties to prepare for. Susan scoffs under her breath that it must be tiring juggling all those affairs. Bree wonders what's up. They have to team up in class. Mrs. McC gets Gaby, and Bree and Susan are together. Susan says she can be persuaded to attack Susan. Mrs. McC flips Gaby onto her back without listening to the instructor, who tells the attacker to put the victim in a chokehold. Susan relishes doing it to Bree, who tells her it's a little tight. Susan asks if it feels bad being betrayed by someone you trusted, and then says she knows about her and Karl. She calls Bree a traitor, and they continue to verbally spar as Bree tries to get out of her chokehold. When the instructor tells them to switch, Susan's not willing to let Bree get behind her since she's already stabbed her in the back (not really, actually; she didn't do anything fitting that definition). The instructor makes Susan let her go, and Susan flips Susan around and puts her in a chokehold, then tells her Orson has put her through hell this year and Karl means more to her than just a fling. She's not giving him up, and is willing to end their friendship over it. Bree leaves, telling the instructor she's defended herself enough for one day.

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