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The next morning (I guess, although Gaby's presence in bed, then self-defense class, then here doesn't really work), Lynette tells Tom the lawyers just called and will be serving Carlos any minute. She wonders if they're doing the right thing, and he says Carlos is in the wrong, legally and ethically, so no. She agrees, "Screw him." Gaby walks up then with candy, flowers and a baby gift. She says it's her way of saying she's sorry, and "Here's some crap to prove it." She says she and Carlos don't want to fight anymore, and they want to talk. Lynette and Gaby hug as Tom tries to warn Lynette the lawyer's at Carlos's. (What he should have done here was RUN across the street, intercept the lawyer, and then pretend it was someone he recognized and knew was looking for him; I'd be so much better at being on this show than Tom is.) Anyway, Lynette realizes what's up and tries to call the lawyer, but the papers are served. Carlos calls Gaby, who storms off angrily. She gives the baby gift (teddy bear) to MJ playing in his yard, the flowers to the mailman, and the chocolates to Mrs. McC as she storms home. Lynette follows her, pleading her apologies, but Gaby's done. Although, wouldn't it be smarter to accept the apology, make up, and not be sued? Especially since they started it all? Lynette says she needs to talk to her, but Gaby says, "No. You need to talk to my lawyer." This could be a pretty ugly, and long-term, storyline.

At work the next day, Carlos -- with a lawyer in tow -- gives Lynette a huge stack of work to do and says he needs it by 9 the next morning. She says it's at least two days' work, but he says not if she works all night. He knows tonight's Penny's pageant, though, since he goes every year. He thinks that's too bad and makes a point of having the lawyer with him tell Lynette that a reason for firing would be not being able to perform the task in the assigned manner. Oh, and also, he and Gaby can't make it this year, either, so could she let Penny know? They're so sorry.

Susan has Karl and Bree seated on a couch and asks if she can get them anything. Karl, seeing what she's about to do to them, says he'll take a cigarette and a blindfold. Why those two things? [Because when she gets angry, facing Susan is like facing a firing squad? - Zach] But she's put aside her rage and is here to "help you." Karl, surprised: "Really?" But Susan says not him. She tells Bree she wants her to have all the facts. She asks Karl to tell Bree what she got her for her 30th birthday. He can't remember, since it was "so long ago," so she tells Bree: nothing. Oh, and he spent their 10th anniversary at a strip club. And for his 35th birthday, he wanted Susan to ask a friend to join them in the bedroom. He protests that Susan said he was hard to shop for. Bree tells Susan she went into this with her eyes open to who Karl was and sometimes is, but she believes him when he says he wants to change. And aren't you supposed to believe someone when you love them? Karl stops and asks her if she just said "love." She looks at him and says she thinks she did. Susan asks Bree one more thing: "Are you drinking again?" Bree says no, so Susan says if that's really how she feels, they have her blessing. She realizes how hard it is to find love, and who cares what anyone else thinks. She really wants Bree as happy as she is with Mike. Karl and Bree are touched. Bree gives her a hug. Karl tells her he really thinks it will be easy to change now that he's found a woman worth changing for. Susan grabs his finger and does something to hurt him, and perkily says, "Learned that in self-defense class."

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