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Scavos'. The whole family comes down the stairs and tells Lynette goodbye, as they head to Penny's pageant (she's dressed as an angel). Lynette apologizes to Penny, but says Dad's recording the whole thing so she can watch later. Penny's obviously sad as she leaves. But Lynette gets up after a second and goes after them, hollering, "Wait up!"

At the hospital, nurse Mona tells Angie and Nick that Danny will be under observation for 72 hours, standard procedure in suicide attempts. Angie thanks her for everything, and Mona leaves. Danny's still unconscious as Angie rubs his head and asks what he was thinking. Nick hugs her from behind, and says he's sorry he called the feds. He was just trying to make her life easier after doing so many things to make it harder and everything he's done to this kid. Angie says, "November 10, 1991." She asks if he remembers it rained all day, and that they went to the diner before they met up with the others. He remembers his pumpkin pancakes, and that she didn't have anything. She says she had coffee and forgot her umbrella in a booth. "And then eight hours later, neither of us existed anymore." She turns and tells him she had to run, but he didn't, and he gave up a hell of a lot so she wouldn't be alone. He touches her face and says he'd do it again; he'd do anything for them. She knows that. This doesn't seem like the same guy who was just begging Julie to take him back, does it?

At work the next morning, Lynette's looking haggard in her office. Carlos knocks and says it's 9, and wonders if she has his reports. She says she just needs one more hour. He sighs, "If only I needed them by 10, but I told you I needed them by 9." He asks the lawyer if he was not clear, but the lawyer says he was crystal clear. Lynette says he knew it was impossible to get this done in a night, but he says it wouldn't have been impossible if she'd skipped her daughter's pageant, and he knows she went. Seriously, this is low. Lynette and Tom would never, ever do this to them if the roles were reversed. I hate him so much right now. So, he fires her. She asks if he's really going to do this, and he checks with the lawyer, who says he's within his legal rights. She starts to cry that she was up all night on this. Carlos snottily says that's a shame and gives her some papers from legal to sign. Lynette says she's not going to go quietly. Carlos says she doesn't care how she goes. He just wants her gone. She pushes the papers away and cries when he and the lawyer leave.

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