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You Could Drive A Person Crazy

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You Could Drive A Person Crazy

Susan answers her door to find Karl. "It was an accident, Karl!" she blusters. "Edie knows it was an accident, right?" Well, Karl says, Edie knows that she could have died: "As it is, she's got a shattered tibia." Susan drops an "oh my god" and asks if Edie got the roses Susan sent. Apparently, Edie did, and the thorns stabbed her. Wouldn't you know it! Karl asks Susan why she told Edie about their "little conversation" (in which he expressed his desire to reunite with Susan). Susan explains that she was just trying to shut up Edie's "sex with Karl" gloating. Karl, in turn, gloats over Susan's jealousy. Susan insists that she's not jealous; it's just that what she and Karl had was something real, what with their being married, and that when Edie tried to put her "tawdry little affair" with Karl on par with that, it made Susan mad. Karl chooses this highly ripe moment to tell Susan that Edie and he are fixing to move in with each other. Susan looks crestfallen: "Just give me a moment. I'm asking god to kill me." Karl: "Look, she's fun, she goes with the flow. At this time in my life, I need that." (Especially after being married to Susan, who I'm guessing would make any man long for a more "go with the flow" woman.) Susan asks if Karl's in love with Edie. Karl: "Would you care if I were?" Susan says she wants Karl to be happy, and she even wants Edie to be happy, sort of, but it's just...Susan wants to be happy first! And, even though Susan is expressing a very petulant and immature emotion here, I do sympathize with her. It's petty, and it's lame, but I kind of like that she's vocalizing the somewhat universal but not typically expressed pain that comes from watching other people move on. Susan pushes Karl to tell her if it's love? With Edie? Karl: "I promise you this much, I've never loved another woman the way that I loved you." Which is one of those awesome declarations that sounds bold and beautiful on the surface, but really isn't all that substantive. I love each kitten, each fluffy cloud, each chocolate cupcake in its own, unique way, which is why I am capable of telling every single one of them that I've never loved another in quite the same way. Not that I ever actually tell them that, of course...I prefer to keep them guessing. (It makes them try harder.) Susan points out that Karl was the one who did the walking. Karl laughs, "Yeah, but look how far I got. I'm just up the street!" He plants a big wet one on Susan's forehead and walks off. Karl is kind of great.

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