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Stripped Down

Previously: The plane crashed. Celia was safe, thanks to Lynette. Orson was paralyzed. One of Tom and Lynette's babies died. And Karl died. Mary Alice Voiceover tells us it's a month after Karl's death, and his family's assembled for the reading of his will. He left stuff to his family, including cash and securities to Julie. Then he left something to Susan, who's there to support Julie but is happy to hear she gets something and wants to know what it is. Karl's will is all about how much he cheated on her before it gets to the fact that he also hid a business from her, and now he's transferred his part ownership to her. Susan's glad Karl -- who had affairs, ran a law firm, and ran a secret business -- is finally getting some rest. Karl wanted Susan to keep an open mind about the business... which is a strip club. MAVO says that, yes, Karl gave his ex-wife something to remember him by, but it's not like she would have forgotten him. Title card.

Girls strip and pole dance as Mary Alice tells us about all the men who go to the Double D gentleman's club: frat boys, soldiers, CEOs. Yes, it's all kinds of men, which can be upsetting to all kinds of women. A guy named Jimbo Rooney introduces himself to Susan and says he's the co-owner, and he's sorry to hear about Karl's death. Susan wants to speak to someone about selling her share, but Jimbo wonders if she's sure, what with how lucrative Topless Karaoke Tuesdays are. He tells her to look around and then decide. He gives her his card, and she notices he made the Os in Rooney into boobs. Classy. He leaves, and she orders a drink. A dancer named Destiny sidles up next to her and when Susan introduces herself, she says they have a Delfino that comes in here: Mike, a plumber. Susan asks if he has a big busted nose, but Destiny doesn't think so. Susan: "Well, wait till the next time you see him."

Scavos'. Lynette and Tom open a huge gift from Carlos and Gaby, which is a TV. They say they can't accept, but Gaby says they have a family rule that if you save their daughter from being squashed by a plane, you get a 60-inch plasma. Carlos says they could never make up for what Lynette did, and Gaby adds an apology for being such a bitch. They accept. And Carlos gives Lynette her job back, but says he'll be putting in extra days and hours while she's out. He tells her not to worry, but Tom offers to fill in for her. [Rather than going back to complete his non-refundable college education? - Zach] Lynette mocks him as if he's joking, then says it's putting Carlos in an awkward position. But Carlos and Gaby both love it. Lynette says it's just such a complicated job. But when Tom asks if she thinks he can't handle it, she can't admit that she doesn't think he can, so it's all set, and Gaby and Carlos leave for an interview to get Juanita into a private school.

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