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Mike's working on Orson's ramp when Bree comes out. He ask when Orson's coming home, and she's not sure, so she decides to call him. Right there. She asks Mike to please not hammer. Instead of, I don't know, going back inside to make the call. She finds out Orson's already checked out of the hospital, and she's puzzled as to where he is, but when the hammering starts again and it's not Mike, she looks down the street and sees Roy's making a ramp. Bree confronts Mrs. McC and Roy about what they're doing. Mrs. McC says she can't blame them for taking in boarders on their fixed incomes, especially a boarder who can't get to the second story. Roy: "That's our naked floor." I love Roy. Bree walks past them angrily.

Inside, she asks Orson what he's doing. He says he's enjoying his new home. Mrs. McC comes in to make sure Bree doesn't slap a guy in a wheelchair. When Mrs. McC finds out Bree's contesting the divorce and Orson won't have any money for at least a year, she tells him to go home to his wife. Bree wheels him out, and Roy asks if he should disassemble the ramp. Mrs. McC says he'll need it soon enough. Hee. Bree wheels him right past Mike, whom Orson tells that his wife's holding him hostage. Mike says they've all been there.

Carlos's office. Lynette's there, just stopping by to say hi. She basically wants reassurance that she'll get her job back even though Carlos says Tom's amazing (though Lynette tries hard to get him to admit Tom's not amazing; what a good wife). Carlos assures her it's her job whenever she wants it, but he thought she wouldn't be coming back to work after the baby was born. She stops and asks why he'd think that, and he says that's what Tom said. Something tells me he shouldn't have told her that, but now she wants details and plays the "I Saved Celia" card. [She also plays the "I will kill a different one of your family members" card. Too soon? - Z]

Comedy club. Eddie's talking about cats and dogs. It's really not funny. When he finishes, no one even laughs or claps. At his friends' table, they pretend he was funny [even though they totally didn't clap, either. - Z], and Julie says she didn't know there were so many differences between dogs and cats. Eddie goes after his free drink, and Ana makes a face to Julie, who asks Porter to walk her to the car to get her jacket. They leave, and Danny gets up to use the restroom. Ana asks him what's the matter with him, since he pays no attention to her. He says there's not a lot of room to be into her, since she's so into herself. She can't believe he just called her conceited, and he tells her to chill, since he didn't ask her to spell it. She says she's not stupid, and not the attention whore at this table. She calls his suicide attempt his "little stunt with the pills." She apologizes, but then he tells her not to be sorry since he likes the blunt Ana more than the cute Ana. She's like, "So, you think I'm cute?" They smile at each other. Uh-oh. He's so going to strangle her. And isn't she way too young for him, anyway?

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