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Casa de Solis. Gaby's making margaritas so they can celebrate Mexican-style that Juanita got into Oak Ridge. Carlos isn't so sure he wants her to go there, though, and suggest a public school farther away with a higher Latino population. She would rather have her in a better school right here than all the way across town just so she can be with "those people." Carlos is like, "You mean 'our people'?" Gaby says their people are rich, private-school people. Carlos accuses Gaby of being ashamed of being Mexican, since all their friends are white and she wouldn't let him teach the girls Spanish. He says she's a self-hating Mexican, and she says he's a self-wiping Mexican. He asks what that means and she throws her margarita on his face. I like them so much more now that they're not being evil to Tom and Lynette.

When Tom comes home from another day of work, Lynette's sitting at the table waiting to question him. Tom says he's hungry, but then Lynette tells him she talked to Carlos today, who was under the impression she'd be staying home with the baby. She asks where he'd get an idea like that and Tom says he told him that, since he thought it might be in her best interest after losing one of the babies. He thought she might want to stay home because this baby is all the more precious given what happened. Lynette asks if that's how she's supposed to feel. Tom says he doesn't know how she feels, since she never talks about it. She says she's dealing with it, but he wonders if they shouldn't be dealing with it together. She says, fine, they lost a kid who they'll never meet and will spend the rest of their lives looking at one wondering why it's not two. She asks how saying this out loud can be helpful, and he agrees it's not. He says she wins, and should go back to her job after having the baby. She thanks him and he pours a glass of wine. She asks if he wants dinner, and he says he's not hungry anymore. He leaves with the bottle of wine and a glass.

Mike arrives at the Double D and asks Rooney about the backed-up bathroom. Rooney says they're working just fine, but Mike says someone called and told him it was an emergency. Rooney doesn't know what's up, but then "Miss Fix-It" is introduced as the newest Double D doll. It's Susan, in a tool belt and sexy outfit. She dances on the pole and strips. Mike asks her what she's doing, and she says as an owner, she's learning the business from the bottom up. Mike wants her to get down, and audience members hoot and holler. Susan tries to say it's totally innocent, and keeps doing it. As she's about to take her bra off, Mike orders her off the stage. She says she thought they didn't have that kind of marriage, and asks what the problem is. He covers her with his coat, and says he gets it and will never go back there. They kiss, he picks her up and calls her "Mrs. Fix-It," and carries her out.

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