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Gaby goes into her closet and pulls down a shoebox. She's looking through the old pictures from it when Carlos comes in later and asks what she's looking at. She says they're old photos. He didn't know she had these. She says they couldn't afford frames, so her dad would put them on the wall with tape. He sees a picture of 5-year-old Gaby in front of a "tool shed," but she says that's their house. Carlos sits down, breathes a heavy sigh, and says, "Wow." Gaby says she was smiling in the photos, but she hated that town: Everyone was poor and Mexican, which she thought was the same thing back then. She wanted out, and he can call it self-loathing, but she doesn't want her kids to know she lived like that. He picks up a picture of her dad, and asks about him. She says he was so strong, and would lift her up on his shoulders when he came home from working in the factories. She loved that, and Carlos bets he did, too. She says she'd ask him why he worked so much, and he'd say so that one day they could live in a beautiful house. "But we never did." Carlos tells her she does now. He says her father had dreams for her and sacrificed a lot to get her here, and whatever their girls achieve in life, it's because of dreams that started on the shoulders of a proud, strong, Mexican man. He wants their kids to know where they came from, and Gaby does, too. We see a picture of Gaby as a kid with her parents and siblings, then a picture of the Solis family.

Hodge House. Bree asks Orson if his physical therapists think he's making progress. He ignores her. She says it's been three days, and he'll have to talk to her sometime. He says he knows why she's doing this, since Reverend Sykes stopped by and was very proud of himself for convincing Bree to take him on as charity work. Bree says it's not just charity work; when she had an affair, she didn't just betray Orson, but her faith as well. She says he has to let her take care of him or... He interrupts, "Or you won't get into heaven? I didn't realize how much this means to you. I guess I can find a way to be happy." She thanks him, and then he says his soup's cold. She exchanges hers for his, then he asks for wine. She goes to get some. Then he asks for crème brulée. She says that takes an hour to prepare, but he's not backing down, showing her his wheelchair and smiling evilly. I think she deserves this, but it is annoying to me that this marriage goes from one person being evil to the other, and there's never any mutual love or respect between them.

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