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Pain and Suffering

Lynette finds Renee on the porch in the morning and gives her a cup of coffee. Renee's worried it's poisoned, to which Lynette replies that Renee was right to make her talk to Tom. She thanks her for being a friend, and asks her never to do it again. Oh, and she likes having her around (when she doesn't want to kill her). Which is good news, since Renee's decided to move into Edie's house across the street. Lynette thinks that's a little close (but she has to be thinking what we're all thinking: At least the house won't feel like it's lost its bitchy tenant). Tom comes out to get Lynette's help with the crying baby; on her way in, she tells him Renee's moving to Edie's. He looks shocked. Then, after Lynette's gone, he asks her if that's really a good idea, because "She can never know what happened between us." Renee assures him, and says it was a million years ago. Oh my god, WHATEVER. So he was okay with her going to New York to hang out with the woman he has some dark secret past with, but doesn't want her here in Fairview?

Hospital. Carlos is signing Juanita out, when he notices the torn release form and asks what's up. The nurse starts to tell him why Gaby did it, but Gaby comes out then and overhears. She takes off running, and he goes after her. She tells him she's so sorry, but Juanita must not be his; she doesn't remember having an affair, but she must have been so drunk that it happened. Carlos's face softens, of course, and he calls her into a hospital room. We don't hear the rest, but we see Gaby break down in his arms when he tells her, and it's actually quite heartbreaking. As much as they make this couple into a cartoon half the time, they're quite good together. MAVO picks back up about how people heal themselves. Some make new friends (Bree and Hot Handyman). Some use money (Susan and Mike count their dollars with ugly jewelry spread out around them). Some use small acts of kindness (Paul gives Beth a rose). "But sadly," MAVO finishes as Gaby sits next to Juanita's hospital bed, watching her sleep. "There will always be those who can't begin to heal. Because they realize there is more pain yet to come."

Next week: More half-naked Susan as she battles with another cleaning lady. Renee has the hots for Bree's Hot Handyman, so Bree fluffs up her hair and shows some cleavage. Hot Handyman and all of America: "Wow." But Renee's not pleased. But there's more sadness for Carlos and Gaby, as he yells at Gaby that they could take Juanita from them.

DeAnn, a writer and editor in Portland, Oregon, believes that in real life, Susan's jewelry would be more successful than her ridiculous non-stripping. You can contact her at

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