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You'll Never Get Away From Me

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You'll Never Get Away From Me

Bree goes to see George at the pharmacy. George smiles hugely, and asks her what he can do for her. Bree: "Well, for starters, you can help me prove the police that we didn't conspire to kill my husband!" George's smile slooowwwly slides off his face, and he gives a pretty funny little "okay." Has George been Queer Eye-ed? Because his hair looks somehow normal this season.

Cut to George and Bree talking softly in the greeting cards section. Bree is telling George about the "anomalies in Rex's blood" and how they got the police thinking that Bree had poisoned him. George: "That's absurd, lots of things can cause high potassium levels: renal failure...low sodium." Which is exactly why Bree took the polygraph! George: "Obviously you passed." Bree, uncomfortably: "Well...sort of." She tells him that now the police seem to have a different theory: if she wasn't poisoning Rex on her own, maybe George was helping her. That would be an awesome snag for George -- if he got caught because of the police's suspicions about Bree. George, laughing very calmly (is he dipping into the pharmacy's pill supply?): "You're kidding!" Bree is most definitely not. In fact, she wants George to take the polygraph too. Finally, the manic neon happiness on his face fades just a bit. George doesn't get it: "Why would the police assume that people in a platonic relationship would want to murder someone?" You're getting warmer, George! Bree, looking even more uncomfortable, starts sorting some of the cards on the shelf: "Um...during the test, they asked me some questions about you, about whether we had a relationship, and I said yes, because it's true. And then they asked me something else -- something I hadn't considered." George urges Bree to keep talking, and Bree tells him that the police asked her if she loved George. George asks her what answer she gave, and she tells him that she said "no." His weird rubber face -- which is becoming more and more unreal-looking as this scene progresses -- crumples just a tad. Bree: "But according to the polygraph, that wasn't exactly true." George's face lights up with the delicate promise and excitement of a baby bird stretching its wings for its very first flight. Not quite able to trust himself to hope, George offers, "I don't know if that means anything; polygraphs aren't really reliable." Bree thinks that perhaps the machine picked up on something -- something that she didn't even know herself. Which is why it's so important for George to take the lie detector test: "Because I'm not going to know exactly how I feel until we put this behind us, but then once we do --" George finishes her thought: "We can move on." The patented Desperate Housewives ominous music swells, and George smiles. I'm pretty sure there was a silent "to the bedroom" at the end of George's statement.

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