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Your Fault

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Your Fault

Ending montage time: Miguel sadly gives the ring back to his dad, who pats him sympathetically. Gabrielle settles into bed with Carlos and looks very sad. Rex takes his medication from KimberBree, who sighs. Lynette walks Ryan O'Neal out of the house, and gives him a very sincere-seeming hug. She looks sad as he drives away. Susan knocks on Julie's door, but Julie's room is empty, and her window is wide open.

At Wisteria High, Julie and Zack rendezvous in the gym. He's glad she came, he says. Julie explains that she can't stay: if Susan finds out she's gone, she will freak. "She said I can't see you anymore. What are we going to do?" she asks him, and he pulls her in for a long hug. DUM DUM DU -- oh, I guess that's not appropriate in this instance.

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