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Your Fault

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Your Fault

Cut to the dance, where people are grooving rhythmlessly. Zack comes over to Julie and gives her a corsage. Why on earth are they meeting at school if they live two doors down from each other?

Over by the punch bowl, KimberBree dances perkily, Susan spies on her daughter, and Paul lurks around. "What is he doing here?" Susan asks KimberBree, who tells her that Paul called and volunteered just a few hours ago. Susan thinks this is weird. "Maybe he's just trying to be supportive," KimberBree chirps. "Maybe," Susan says. I love how everyone who lives on this show, save Susan, has totally forgotten Mary Alice's mysterious death.

Ninetoes Pharmacy. Rex comes in to pick up his pills and threaten George. He opens by wondering if George has seen KimberBree lately. George confirms that he just saw her last night! They had a real nice talk. "That's all you did?" Rex asks. "Just talk?" George smiles that he and KimberBree are just friends. Rex is glad to hear it: "You know, if you ever do get a vibe from KimberBree that she's interested in more than just friendship, I'd be careful if I were you." "Excuse me?" George asks. Rex kindly explains that George should know that, if KimberBree ever put the moves on him, it would just be to even up the score with Rex: "Don't fall for it." George gives Rex a very dirty look and tells him that KimberBree is a lady, and would never use him like that. Rex sort of snorts: "Exactly. A very beautiful, classy lady. Remember, they tend to end up with doctors, not pharmacists," Rex smiles. Oh, Rex, you smug bastard. I think I love you. George smirks. "[KimberBree] is very beautiful and very classy, but she's not very perceptive," he says. "For instance, she thinks you're a good person and it's now very clear to me, you aren't." Rex just calmly announces that he'd like his prescription now. George pretends not to find them, of course, so that he can swap them out for something that will kill poor Rex, or, at the very least, send him to Comaville. Just a speculation. Although I would like to say that, if Rex dies, my rage will be powerful.

Dance of the Damned. "Dust in the Wind" plays in the background. In a hilarious editing mistake, Paul walks across the dance floor while the extras are all still jamming to a much faster song. We cut to Susan watching Paul for a quick moment, and as soon as we cut back to Paul, the kids are all slow-dancing. Paul asks Susan to join him on the dance floor, and, frankly, I'm pissed. I am totally going to be singing "Dust in the Wind" for the rest of the night. So, Susan just up and confesses that she overheard a very interesting conversation between Julie and Zack the other night. "Zack was telling Julie about what happened to Dana," she says. Paul carefully wonders how much she heard. "Everything?" Susan says in a much less confident way than I suspect she intended. Oh, Susan. You are so setting yourself up to be killed with a panini maker.

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