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Now we're at the princess party, and Gaby's upset because Juanita is eating a second gigantic piece of cake. Gaby overhears two mean moms talking about what a shame it is that Gaby can't say no and lets her daughter eat until she's fat. Again, Gaby, the solution here is to PUNCH THEM.

Susan walks in on Gale/Brian painting. He then strips and they start making out. Lynette knocks on the door and Gale escapes out the window. Bob and Lee see him, and snap a cameraphone photo (that's going to come back later, I think). Gale's back in his painting jumpsuit and coming in the backdoor. Susan offers up a new rule: Sex only in the bedroom between the hours of 7 and 10 PM. He says it would be easier to follow the rules if he knew why they existed. But, really, he should be running in the opposite direction. I mean, he's a hot guy and there is no reason to put up with this level of crazy this early on, is there? She just doesn't want her friends to know, because it's complicated. But he says he's just a simple guy and can't be her dirty little secret. He needs more. She freaks out and says she can't give that to him, and storms off.

Gaby wants to take her daughter to the park for exercise. Juanita's not having any of it, though, so Gaby decides to make Juanita chase the car home. ("It's a new game I invented, and you're winning one to nothing.") What an excellent parent.

Bree tells Katherine that What's Cooking, Fairview? is coming out to do a piece on her and the book. Katherine's finished the book, and is pissed that at least a dozen recipes are hers or ones they developed together. Bree says she always changed at least one ingredient. For example: she changed minced curly-leaf parsley to minced flat-leaf, and... I'm sorry, there are different types of parsley? Yeah, I'm going to have to go with Katherine on this one. Katherine says Bree can't even make some of the recipes in the book. Bree says she's let Katherine make those in the past, but that doesn't mean she can't, and besides, she dedicated it to Katherine! Katherine is like, "No, you were right. That really was the least you could do."

Gaby's still driving and making Juanita follow her home, but Juanita's tired and sits down on the curb. Then a bus pulls up and Juanita gets on. She stares down, face still covered in cake, as the bus passes Gaby. I'm not sure where the bus is going, but she sure is smug. (And, also, this girl is really, really not four and a half.)

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