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Lynette and Tom are talking to the twins, telling them that even though she wanted to ground them, Tom explained that they could trust them, so they have decided to let the boys go to the dance. Tom's pleased, but then Lynette gets her upper hand back. " your father's convertible." Tom knows he's been had. Lynette insists two cool kids can't show up in a mom car. They're like, "Thanks!" She's like, "Don't thank me. Thank your father." Then she tells them to do whatever it takes to have fun, which might be going a little far to get back at Tom, Lynette.

Now Bree's being interviewed by What's Cooking, Fairview? Bree gives them a tour of her kitchen and "my staff, the most gifted, hardworking team a cook could ever have hoped for." Katherine's rolling her eyes. The interviewer asks Katherine what it's really like working with Bree. Katherine fakes, "It's inspiring. There's absolutely nothing she can't do." Katherine fakes a wrist strain and makes Bree put the spun sugar netting on Bree's famous croque em bouche (thank you, closed captioning) that is obviously really Katherine's dish. Bree doesn't want to do it. She's sure Katherine's wrist is fine. So, on the air, Bree has to come to the rescue. Bree's clumping the sugar, and accidentally flicks it onto the interviewer, burning him. "Oops."

Carlos is not happy with Gaby's way of coping with Juanita's weight. Gaby insists she's protecting her from the mean, mean world. Which, this show is sort of proving right, sadly. Women have to be beautiful and lithe, even when they're little girls. Fat is not cute much after infancy. Gaby says she only has five seconds to be beautiful, like all women, and then she'll be old and fat and married, and wondering where her beauty went. Just like Gaby. She starts crying, and telling Carlos that she's sometimes glad he can't see her, because her life -- including two kids -- takes a toll. He says he knows her face better than anyone, and she will always be beautiful. Awww, who knew Carlos was such a nice guy?

Bree's still trying to apply the spun sugar netting, but it's a colossal failure. She wants the camera off, but Katherine's suddenly feeling well enough to try the process, on camera.

Tom's waiting on the porch for the boys to come home. After all, it's 30 minutes after curfew. Lynette: "Actually, it's 32." Tom's already angry, imagining what the boys might have done to the car that he's spent so much time restoring. Lynette then tells Tom she knows that car is his baby, but her baby is her actual babies. She knows she loves the boys and thinks they're cool, but sometimes he forgets to parent them. She pontificates that the boys still aren't getting it at 16, and they need to get on the same page if they want them to get it. Hey, at least one person seems to finally be getting it. Welcome to adulthood, Tom. The boys pull up and Tom lectures them for being late. He says he and Lynette were worried sick, and grounds them for a month. One of the twins says he only did it because he was worried about his "precious car," to which Tom responds by walking over and kicking the mirror off of the car. They go inside, and Lynette's like, "Way to sell it, babe, but that was not necessary." Tom said the mirror was scratched and he'd already ordered a new one. Which is funny, but he still kicked the car, and he easily could have accidentally dented the door, so I'm saying it was still a big old risk. Lynette just grins at her hubby's sudden parenting chops.

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