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The More Things Stay The Same

Mike and MJ come downstairs, and she tells MJ to have fun with his daddy and his dinosaur book. Mike tells her to have a good weekend, and asks if she's doing anything special. She tells him she's sort of started seeing someone and might do something with him. Mike, always the gentleman, says, "Good for you."

Susan goes to a drawer and pulls out a picture of her little family (Susan, Mike, MJ) as Mary Alice starts talking about how quickly life goes by, and how we're left to ask ourselves "How could he have left me?" (Susan) "When did my beauty start to fade?" (Gaby) "Why has my friend changed?" (Bree, looking at Katherine) "Was I the best mother I could have been?" (Lynette). But some people understand how quickly time passes, which is why they're so determined to get what they want before it's too late. This one is Dave, lying awake in bed next to a sleeping Edie. His phone rings and he picks it up and walks out of the room.

"Dr. Heller. I've been meaning to call you." The doctor on the other end says he was getting concerned. "You're required to check in once a month. It was a condition of your release." Dave says that was a year ago, but the meds are working so well he kind of forgot about him. The doctor says, "Dave. Once a month. Not optional." Dave says he gets it, but that the doctor seriously doesn't need to worry about him. He's great. And he'll talk to him again in a month. The doctor then turns on a monitor at his desk, and sees Dave being interviewed in what looks like an empty room. Dave asks what are the magic words he needs to say to get out of here. Doctor says he's been there a month and doesn't seem any closer to coming to terms with his rage. Dave says he's come to terms with it and likes it just the way it is. Dr. Heller says the charges were dropped because he agreed to put himself into a doctor's care, and that he won't release him until he sees some real progress. He needs to be sure Dave's not a danger to himself or others. Dave says he's never been a danger to himself "and, as far as the others are concerned, there's only one person who should be worried." Cut to Dave picking up the paper in his purple robe, looking down Wisteria Lane. Okay, so who is the person? I am sure you will all be much better at speculating than I am, so I won't even try yet.

Next week: Lies. Secrets. Betrayals. And the Dave mystery gets even juicier. Well, one would hope.

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